Sunday, May 30

Answers to questions you'd like to ask one of those Wierdos With Piercings but you haven't known any personally until now

I like to make jokes, especially at inappropriate times. Like when the nose piercer guy...piercist?...was prepping the nose piercing utensils, which were not unlike surgical utensils and trust me I KNOW. I can tell my piercist is a real stickler for doing things the right way, which when it comes to body modification, right on. So as he was covering the chair/table in a plastic slipcover, I spontaneously decided to lighten things up by asking, "Is that for all the blood?"

Many of you have questions (except for May, who is apparently an expert at nose piercing the way I'm an expert at...well, anyway). Allow me to pull back the veil.

1) The piercing thing is a needle. But! The dude shoved a stainless-steel, angled tube up my nose hole to catch the needle. This was disconcerting.

2) It did hurt, but only for about 1.3 seconds. However I've also given birth and had an organ removed, so there's that.

3) The ring starts off as a stud on the end of a tiny, straight post. He trimmed and bent the post with pliers to fit my nose. This was done before the ring was in my nose, in Jesus' name Amen.

4) I don't usually feel it, unless the post gets turned a wonky way. The first couple days I'd forget and stick my finger up there inspect my nose only to remember that it would hurt to fiddle with it just yet. Now I can stick my finger up there resume normal nasal activity without discomfort.

5) It hasn't inhibited nose blowing. And believe me, I've done extensive at-home research.

So what else you wanna know?


Dawn said...

1) Can you use a spacer in a nose piercing (similar to the spacers people insert in their ear lobes) and, if so, can you create a hole large enough to use as a side-angled booger launcher?

2) Which comes next: the tongue, or the belly button?

3) In my experience, children have odd reactions to piercings done on body parts other than the ears. Does Ethan think you have candy stuck to your nose?

4) If I bring the glow sticks, will you show me the nearest rave?

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Thank you for the A's to our Q's. I always wondered how it all was done but didn't know who to ask! You've done a public service here. :)

Erin said...

Dawn—You can gauge up a little, but I haven't looked into the booger launcher yet. Next, I'm thinking a tattoo. Ethan said my nose looks "pletty." And finally, I would host a rave if you'd bring glow sticks.

Lisa—Public service is what this blog is all about, my friend.

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