Friday, April 16

Old married couple splurge, eat candy for dinner

Last night my class was canceled, so Noah suggested an impromptu date. We had been working in the yard all afternoon and just had time to get ready and take Ethan to my parents' house before the movie, so dinner consisted of movie popcorn, Coca Cola Classic, and Sweet Tarts.

Appropriately we saw Date Night. I'm often recognized as a phenomenally less successful Tina Fey (around my house), so I identified with her bedraggled character on many levels. Including the plot device that got the whole film rolling: A married couple's attempt to get out of the house and have some fun.

It was a great improvement over Wednesday night, when I temporarily locked Noah out of our room for Condescension (-3 points) and Tone, Patronizing (-2 points). Oh, what's with the points? I find that a reward system is the best way to manage my relationships. (Word to the wise: blog comments garner a +2 each.)

When we got home from our Fun and Spontaneous Weeknight Date, I realized that popcorn, candy and soda a full meal do not make—especially after spending several hours toiling in the sun. As I lay there, faint and useless, Noah made me some oatmeal—with milk—and it was just about the best thing I'd ever tasted. +3.

Elsewhere, I discuss my plans for green thumbedness and my savvy travel tips (prerequisite: family and friends). Oh, and over at the Secret Society of List Addicts I share some fake news headlines.


roysie said...

Yay for spontaneous date nights. I really want to see that movie, too!

stephanie said...

that sounds so great...but instead of a human kid, we'd have to drop off our puppies. and then would probably promptly fall asleep from sleep deprivation caused by aforementioned puppies.

Law Girl said...

I just started following your blog and I love it! I'm marrying a police officer in a few months so I love reading about your "policework" :)

Bethany said...

Comment, comment, gimme points!

mrs. fuzz said...

I'm commenting for points as well.

I'm loving your headlines lately! And, was the movie good?

B said...

I want points, too! LOL (I want to see Date Night!)

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