Wednesday, February 10

This is what we get for our kindness

I've been duped.

Three months ago I let my parents move into our spare room and babysit Ethan at no cost to us with the expectation that upon departure they would provide us with a ginormous gift. Apparently, they have no such intentions.

Sure, they've given us three nearly new area rugs and a nearly new microwave—but they didn't need those anymore. The generosity involved is minimal. And okay, they're going to buy us new phones for the house, but have you seen how cheap you can get a land line phone for these days? Is that the kind of legacy they want to leave: We're grateful one land-line phone dollars' worth?

So I suggested that if the shed and the laptop and the houseful of new carpet are out, the least they could do is trade their slightly newer 42" secondary television for their large bedroom (they just got a brand-new one for their living room) for our 37" primary television, and we'd call it even.

What happened next, I can barely even revisit. After a solid 30 minutes of badgering reasoning and threatening negotiating, they still refused to trade TVs.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Here it comes again: They still refused to trade TVs.

Then mom spouted some mumbo jumbo about having worked hard for many years to get what they have; I can't remember, I was too busy telling Noah to just pick up the TV and put it in our truck.

So I'm going to do something unprecedented on Fierce Beagle. I'm instituting a poll*.

 Should Erin's parents go through with the TV switch as a gesture of gratitude?
Yes, obviously!
No, because I hate gratitude free polls

*Keep in mind your vote will have little to no bearing on the outcome of this protracted argument.

Elsewhere, we're teaching Ethan that life is about more than just stuff.


Ian Newbold said...

Shocking behaviour, I mean you are trying to do them a favour, they haven't even got to go out and buy you something new. Some people.

stephanie said...

it's detrimental to not have that extra 5" on your primary tv! completely affects (effects? i can never remember which one to use) one's viewing satisfaction. good luck my friend :)

Dan said...

I voted yes. Bloody parents.

Anonymous said...

OK Here's the dealio. They have given up Cable TV as of today and there is really only 2 network TV shows they would watch anyway, so there is really no need to get a new TV. She never mentioned this to y'all did she(see how quickly I've adapted to Southern life). Bloody daughter and son-in-law (that was for you Dan)!


Anonymous said...

I think you should be grateful for them giving you life.How can you teach your child that life isn't about material items when you have this state of mind.

Amy said...

Erin, you are laugh out loud too funny. Keep blogging! Seriously, I feel like I need to ship you my primary tv as thanks for your daily doses of humor all the way from Seattle. Would your parents really deny Ethan that kind of educational electronic upgrade?

May @ Anne and May said...

Is Anonymous kidding? Or does he/she just hate puppies...and laughter...and freedom?

I say, You didn't ask to be brought into this world. A bigger TV is not that much to ask!

Anonymous said...

Come on Anonymous - You need to lighten up!

Erin's mum

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm not the original Anonymous poster, but seriously you shouldn't force your parents to do that. They baby-sat your child and you gave them a place to stay. Even trade-off. And trying to teach your child that life isn't about material things while doing all of this is completely hypocritical and laughable.

Erin said...

To Anon #1 and Anon #2 — This post was meant to be hypocritical and laughable. Because it is a joke.

I thought there were some key cues throughout, such as the pseudo The Office quote (I love you this many dollars' worth...), saying I badgered and threatened them, and then there was the part where I said they watched our child for absolutely no cost and yet I expected a large gift for my kindness.

Next time I will try to be less subtle.

Tarryn said...

i love how negative commentators change their identities to "anonymous", because obviously you might try to track them down and steal their big screen tv's in the middle of the night. But actually maybe you should, coz they would obviously not miss the tv, being as non-materialistic as they both are.

Anonymous said...

Anon #2

You obviously don't get our family's sense of humor, so don't lose any sleep over it!

Thinking that our daughter forces us to do anything is pretty funny in itself!

Erin's mum

Lauren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lauren said...

Actually, the only reason I didn't reply under my google account was that I was too lazy to sign in. I happened by your blog by chance, but it's obviously one I won't be reading again.

Anon #2

Also, I don't watch the office. Sorry.

Neale said...

Next time you tell a joke, make sure you a) explain it with cross references and footnotes, full back story, and charts and graphs if necessary, and b) add a huge JUST KIDDING badge at the top... something like except make it an animated gif of a girl Irish step dancing on some slaughtered baby seals or the charred remains of the constitution... know, just so we know.

Dawn said...

@Neale: Almost peed my pants when I read your response. That gif would be SO Erin!

mrs. fuzz said...

The nerve of your parents! Thinking they can just mooch off of you for a few months and no one would expect anything in return. . .

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