Friday, January 22


Day 14 of Eff You Cancer Watch: Results

Good news! Well, as good as news can get when you're diagnosed with cancer. Noah's mom was told today that the cancer is contained to the original scarred area on her breast and a lymph node, which means it's treatable.

Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and well wishes. Keep them coming as Debbie now starts the treatment phase of this Effing Disease. I will keep you posted on what I shall now refer to as The Road to Remission.


I'm starting a support group whose soul purpose is watching the financial fallout of me quitting my job and chronicling the wasteland of budgeting an income of $2. Actually, I'm blogging twice a week at, putting a desperate face on contemporary financial planning. Check it out! And by check it out I mean point and laugh.

Also, on a related note, I have a new list on Secret Society of List Addicts today: Fun ways to be thrifty.


Costume Diva said...

Go Debbie! You can do it! Also, go Erin! You can do it, too!

Tarryn said...

1. YAY! I'm so incredibly happy for you, that is very good news.

2. My grandpa died of cancer last Jan, it had a massive impact of me, and as a result I was driven to do some reserch into alternative healing and it's usefulness to people with cancer. The information is incredibly helpful, the premise is that alternative healing can be used in conjunction with the scientific medicine, its really great- things like acupuncture, meditation, yoga, shiatsu, music therapy (up your alley I think!) can improve your energy and wellbeing, the things that chemo and radiation strip you of, Its about making sure that you stay positive and energised so that you are in the best space to fight it you know? I realize that I sound like a dirty hippy. You are probably shouting "away! gypsy!" at your pc screen right now. but honestly, I totes was not on the side of free love, and then the research turned me. I dunno if its all on the website yet, but you can check it out on, there are really helpful resources there for you to download and read. DO IT.

3. Tomato and brocolli soup= eff off cancer superhero. Fact.

4. Have a happy day.

over and out. :D

Slamdunk said...

That is good to hear about Noah's mom and I am continuing to pray for her.

You stay busy don't ya--good to see that your writing talents are recognized.

MrsMonicaLB said...

thats fantastic!

And Then I Was a Mom said...

Such good news!

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