Thursday, January 28

This is why I'm medicated

Yesterday morning on my way to work I saw a dead cat.

*     *     *

I just paused from writing this post to go take the Myers Briggs personality test. For self-diagnosis, one of my favorite activities. The test features simple Yes or No questions such as:

You often do jobs in a hurry
You often think of humankind and its destiny
You prefer to read a book than go to a party
You value justice higher than mercy

Strangely, I had trouble coming up with answers for some of those. Perhaps it was the harshly interrogative tone of the test. I kept looking for easily answerable questions, like "You spent the majority of this test wishing we'd just give you specific scenarios and a concrete definition of often, because you're the type of person who can't answer a Yes or No question without an accompanying essay stating your position, with caveats," to which I could have EASILY answered Yes, but alas. Apparently I'm an INFJ—an Introverted iNtuition Feeling Judgment.*

*Not to split hairs, but shouldn't it be Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judge?

To figure out what exactly my score meant, I clicked on the link to the analysis by Joe Butt. (!) Aside from quoting Shakespeare, Mr. Butt correctly pegged me as a suspicious yet sympathetic individual with a knack for fluency and nonverbal sensitivity.

*     *     *

Thank you, Myers Briggs. Now I understand! I felt badly for the cat. So I did what any good sensitive introvert would do: I listened to Foo Fighters' "Home" on a loop for the rest of the day.


Ed said...

I have found that a liitle bit of Foo goes a long way in relieving any kind of funk.

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

I agree. I love me some Dave Grohl. And I am not sure I want to know what Meyers Briggs thinks I am or worse be analyzed by Joe Butt!

Ang said...

As per Mr. Briggs I am an ISFJ.
I will now be looping "Everybody Hurts" for the rest of my working day.

Dawn said...

I felt EXACTLY the same way when we took the Myers Briggs for LU! Does this test not realize how situationally-motivated we Judgements are? ("Obviously, the cat stood no chance against the superior size of a car, but did the car purposefully seek out and destroy said cat, or was said cat a rabid zombie with an insatiable hunger for chrome grills?" These details are important!)

Foo Fighters are my "Hero." (Ah ha! See what I did thar?!)

Slamdunk said...

For me, that created an oddly humorous image.

Dori said... matter how many times I take the test. I have to compare notes with my sister in order to sort out the real and fantasy of my childhood. And I see it in my son. And I tell him he is soooo lucky to have a mom who understands. My daughter? She's a little mini me of her bomb dude--so not INFP--dad! :)

That Kind of Girl said...

Oooh, good song! I had totally forgotten about it! I will now be annoying my co-workers by continuing my streak of listening to a single song all day. (Could be worse, though. Yesterday's was a Mountain Goats cover of "The Sign" by Ace of Base.)

Also, in re: hair splitting, I think the reason all of the characteristics are adjectives or nouns is that they're supposed to combine with "Type" to make a nominal phrase. So you're a "... Judgement Type," which makes some sense of the part of speech.

...okay, clearly I need a job that makes more use of my brain to prevent tangents like that!

Anonymous said...

ISFJ in the house. Myers-Briggs always spooks me with how accurate it is. Also, I would've wept for that cat ... but not shed a tear if it had been a squirrel. What's up with THAT?

Dawn said...

Oh yea, I'm an INTJ, which is supposed to mean Ben (ENTP) and I are DOOMED TO FAIL!

I knew *something* was wrong when we hit the 7 year anniversary and he still left his boxers on the bathroom floor. . .

Meadowlark said...

INFP here. Who is becoming more of an INFJ. I had a mentor who told me eventually I would become a J, I just had to finish P-ing. :)

stephanie said...

i'm an ISFJ. i haven't done one of those tests in ages! and it's surprisingly accurate. weird.

roysie said...

My husband is an INFJ and a writer, too! I'm a little obsessed with Myers Briggs...

The Bug said...

I read this at work (can't comment there - stupid internet security) & spent a pleasant 1/2 hour perusing the site. I'm an ISTP & my husband is an INFP - and we are apparently an enigma to each other. I already knew that. Who knows why it works anyway? 19 years later & there aren't even any fissures...

Olivia said...

Ah, love that song. When he's not screaming, Grohl has a lovely voice.

Erin said...

Ed—Indeed! Foo for all seasons, I always say.

Lisa—Don't be hatin' on Mr. Butt, even if he is a total ass.

Ang—lol. Just, lol.

Dawn—I DID see what you did! You must be an INFComedian.

Slamdunk—I can't imagine why.

Meadowlark—You and Noah are in the *exact* same sitch! He must have finished P-ing as well.

Stephanie—I know, right? And how disconcerting is it to have a guy with the last name Butt read you like a book?

Roysie—I can see why. It's startlingly accurate and insightful.

Bug—Yeah, good luck with that. IT'S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME. ;)

Olivia—I agree! And what a Renaissance man...vocals, guitar, drums, lyrics.

Erin said...

Woops, missed a couple of ya:

Dori—So our issues are genetic, then? ;)

TKoG—No that totally makes sense now. I was too busy brooding about the fate of humanity to think about such frivolities.

Sal—Clearly you're a sociopath.

Unknown said...

On a related note - did you see how many famous (and excellent) writers were on that list of "Famous INFJs"? I definitely see that as a good sign for the success of your writing in the future :)

Erin said...

Jennifer—You know, I hadn't looked at that. But it makes sense...I've always considered my style to be very similar to Chaucer's.

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