Sunday, January 3

Feel the rhythm of the music getting stronger

Noah put "iTunes gift card" on his Christmas list and ended up indentured to Apple for $100. So basically, music has been on his mind this year. Even our pre-bedtime pillow talk arguments have revolved around musical topics.


"Can't you just accept that part of me needs Leona Lewis?"

We've agreed to disagree. We've also agreed to start a band.

Noah's the lead guitarist, I'll play bass and Kyle will provide percussion. We don't yet have a drum kit—or a bass, for that matter—but last night Noah and I held an impromptu jam session with his guitars: I strummed the G chord (and you'd better believe I relished repeatedly mentioning the G-string) while Noah provided the detailed musical stylings. I rocked so hard, I even lost my pick inside the...guitar hole? Whatever that opening is that the strings go across.

Elsewhere, Ethan and I have discovered a talking dancing point: Pandora on our BluRay player. He stood on my lap, batting his eyelashes and swaying amorously as I serenaded him with Regina Spektor's Fidelity. What can I say? We have a calling.


Kate@And Then I Was a Mom said...

I bought my husband a bass for Christmas and now he's suddenly on the short path to international celebritydom. It's rather annoying. I made him take out the trash twice today, just to remind him of his mortality.

So cute about Ethan. Don't you love how they love our voices, however off tune we might choose to be?

May @ Anne and May said...

Now that we own Beatles rock band--complete with a drum kit and mic--I've become John Lennon to my husband's Ringo Starr.

"You know, I don't think the band is going to make it if we don't PRACTICE."

I'm addicted!

Anonymous said...

"Can't you just accept that part of me needs Leona Lewis?"

Nope. Never :)

Actually, the 2 year old loves my singing. 6yo refuses to listen to either of us.

Katie Mae said...

Nice Gloria Estefan reference. :)

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