Friday, December 18


I don't want to write an Apology Post, because that would assume that anybody cares or notices when I don't publish my rambling attempts at funny for a few days. But I do want to acknowledge that I haven't posted, and the last post I did write was a gripe. So I shall pull a Dwight Schrute on this: I state my regret.

Back to business!

In a true display of Dickensian Christmas spirit, more people were laid off at work this week. But as I sit here, through the window I'm watching snow drift on our porch. This makes me happy A) Because it helps me feel like it really is Yuletide, and B) Because I'm excited about finally giving our monstrous backyard hill some purpose: Sledding!

When Ethan woke up from his nap, I asked him if he wanted to see the snow. I opened the shutters and threw up the sash, revealing the breasts of new fallen snow. Or something. His response? A truly wonder-filled "Wow!" To which I replied, "I know, right?!"

The only real downside is that we're out of bread and milk, and if the past is any indicator, we might have a hard time procuring them. Because here in North Carolina, a particularly cold raindrop sends people into bad weather hysteria, buying up rations and gathering wood. A snowstorm? You might as well call it "nuclear fallout," because the reaction is the same.

Ethan was napping in the early stages of the storm, so here's a photo of my brother (sporting his new, Ashton Kutcheresque haircut).

Ain't he cute? Too bad he ain't rich.


Christopher said...

I didn't know new fallen snow had breasts. I shall have to investigate.

Dawn said...

Sledding sounds like fun! Post some pics if yall do decide to flatten out those drifts with a brightly-colored plastic disc!

Sister Copinherhair said...

Christopher, they call them "drifts." ;)

Anonymous said...

Was that "Wow - snow!" or "Wow - breasts!"? Sorry, had to ask. We had a similar thing with panic buying last year when a few inches of snow brought London to a stand-still, though it wasn't as bad as expected. If we get any 'real' snow. it's more likely to hit in February.

Perhaps we should get a sledge.

Bethany said...

I live in Tennessee. Snow = no milk or bread within a 200 mile radius.

Dori said...

Oh yeah...mass run on the grocery stores here yesterday! I had actually gone grocery shopping on Thursday so at least we were able to avoid that. Until this morning when my husband opened the 'fridge and realized he only had one can of Pepsi. For that he'll brave the roads and idiot drivers. I made sure he picked up another bottle of wine since he was out. :D

Slamdunk said...

Have your Chicago contingent made one too many weather observations like: "You call this snow?"

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