Thursday, November 12

Just so you know...

Ethan's vocabulary is growing exponentially. He can now say purple, elbow and NO. Not "no" or "naw" or "nuh uh." NO.

And he's very good at impersonations. For instance he can wag his finger and Shhh! at Cody in such a way that people can barely tell the difference between him and me, a differentiation that is further complicated by the fact that he frequently wears my slippers.

Additionally, he does a mean vacuum impression (zzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZ) as well as a heckuva spray bottle (tsst!).

Incidentally, he's learned some body parts and I have no idea how. I mean, I get that he knows chin and eye and ear and mouth, because we've worked on those with him. But knee? Elbow, for gosh sakes? What to Expect the Toddler Years (recently purchased during Sleep Crisis '09) says that by this age he may be able to name one or two body parts. HA! This kid has already named his penis! (Pete.) (No joke.)

Although we're not big television watchers these days, Ethan frequently asks to watch "teetee" for a few minutes, particularly while snuggling up in bed with us. (We have a TV in our room for movies, no cable, so he's watched disjointed snippets of Pride & Prejudice, The American President and A Few Good Men.)

I've learned that he's a creative thinker. He's made a number of rather original interior design and organization decisions around the house, for instance storing two of my nail polishes inside a candle jar (lid closed), putting Noah's sneakers in the hamper (I see his point), and placing our alarm clock inside a guitar case (he really had us stumped on that one, for two whole days we couldn't find the thing even though we could hear it).

Ethan's relationship with Cody has certainly blossomed. More than once I've caught Cody kissing Ethan on the lips, and reciprocally, I've caught Ethan sharing snacks with Cody—both the One for You, One for Me Method as well as the infinitely more unsettling Here Have A Lick of This Lollipop Method. Cody's love for Ethan is further evidenced by his continued habit of crying when Ethan cries (although I'm not convinced they haven't turned it into crying contests to see who can go louder and longer), and he's even let Ethan climb on his back and pretend to trot off into the sunset.

About that Sleep Crisis, we're in full bedtime rebellion mode these days. He was the kind of baby that made other parents despise us, so good was he about putting himself to sleep. I guess this is payback. And by "this" I mean "the screeching and wailing and imploring and avoiding of the bedtime routine."

Yet I recently realized that it's actually harder for me to leave him now than when he was teeny.

Can you blame me?


Anonymous said...

don't blame you at all. He's freaking cute.

Maggie May said...

he's SO CUTE!!!!! i love the vacuum impression ;)

mrs. fuzz said...

Oh my word, that is one super cute boy. The eyes! And does he have little curls in the back of his head?

I like the part about he and cody, and the part about his interior design and organizational ideas.

May @ Anne and May said...

Okay, that's it. I'm getting knocked up. This was just too cute to resist.

But how do you guarantee you get a kid as awesome as Ethan?

Ian Newbold said...

My boy used to call his penis ensemble Tinky Winky and the Lalas. Be funny if he takes that through to his first biology lesson, as will the mention of Pete.

Ed said...


My poor kids! Doctor mom and nurse dad--they have no choice but to learn proper anatomy.

Unknown said...

He is dangerously cute. And you are funny.

Bethany said...


Erin said...

Anon—Thanks for your support.

Maggie May—Seriously, if this kid doesn't become an engineer, I wouldn't put stand-up comedian off the list.

Mrs. Fuzz—Those are curls, indeed. I'll post some photos of the curly goodness for you.

May—I'd suggest copious amounts of bacon and cinnamon rolls during pregnancy. Worked for me.

Single Parent Dad—I take full responsibility for "Pete," because I've always referred to his wet diapers as "peeps." What's your excuse?

Ed—With a writer mom and a cop dad, Ethan has no choice but to learn improper anatomy.

Lisa—You should see what happens when he bats his eyelashes. Seriously. It's flagrant.

Bethany—So glad you agree.

Tina said...

Yikes he looks like you in that picture. So much! Mostly because he looks like he's up to no good. =)

Dori said...

Love it! Organizational skills are's always fun to empty the clothes hamper, I never know what non-clothing item has been added.

The 2-year-old was generously sharing a piece of cheese with our 120lb Akita the other day...the dog was taking such delicate licks and bites and she was coaxing him on with "Here you go, you go." And the giggles. I just didn't have the heart to interrupt them. Until she decided to eat what was left. Then I intervened.

Anonymous said...

I can see why. He's an incredibly cute kid. (Over from Dan's (Butthead) blog!)

roysie said...

Ohmygosh he is adorable. It's hard to believe he would be such a pill at bed time!

Kate said...

I doubt it will ever be easier for us to leave them. I kind of picture myself holding on to my (now three-year-old) daughter's wedding-dress train for dear life as she and her beloved drive off for their honeymoon. You know, in 45 years, when I finally allow her to date.

Recently discovered your blog and am really enjoying it...

Erin said...

Tina—I'll have to post some comparison pics of me at that age and him. UNCANNY.

Dori—Is it bad that I've almost given up on intervening?

rosiscribble—thanks, and lovely to have you here!

Roysie—It's the angelic ones that are the most dangerous.

Kate—Lovely to have you here, too! And I have vowed not to be one of those mothers who don't believe any girl is good enough for her son. It shouldn't be a problem, since I'll be prescreening them all.

Natalie said...

I just love these reflections! It makes me think about all the cute and harrowing traits in my children, and how I wouldn't exchange them for anything (except when we experience our own sleep crisis!)

Such a cute post and I LOVE the last picture. Thanks!

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