Friday, October 2

Teacher's soon-to-be-very-slender pet

The other day I casually mentioned to Noah that my professor always brings his coffee to class in a Detroit Tigers mug. And so launched Noah’s "Get Erin an Easy A Without Having to Work for It Plan," one that revolves mainly around me impressing my prof with my baseball knowledge, and one that also implies a belief that I can’t just achieve an A through sheer brilliance and a strong work ethic.

Noah: Okay, let’s practice what you’re going to say.

Erin: "Hey, Dr. Cushman, did you see today’s Tigers game?"

Noah: "As a matter of fact, I did."

Erin: "It’s too bad they didn’t clinch it. But I’m sure they will against the White Sox…if you’re lucky. The White Sox rule, and YOU SUCK."

Noah: That was pretty good, but you got a little aggressive there at the end.

Erin: "How ’bout that Albert Pujols?"

Noah: Wrong team.

Speaking of my competitive streak, I couldn’t resist when Dan of All That Comes With It and Ian of Single Parent Dad created a de-fat-ification throw down to see who can lose one stone (aka 14 pounds) first. Seeing as I want to lose 14-15 pounds total, it may be harder for me since I hear that those last few pounds to your goal weight tend to be the hardest to lose. Also, I ate a Skippy’s hot dog for lunch. But! Without fries! That should earn me at least a pound off, right?


Slamdunk said...

You could always complain about something team neutral (to show how you are a real fan) like how baseball execs have ruined the game by extending its playoffs into November and featuring games that do not end until 1 am EDT.

Nothing worse than waking up the next morning and riding on 3 hours of sleep after watching your fav team lose a game delayed by sleet that went into extra innings.

Jo Beaufoix said...

OMG you will be running the walk lady. Good luck and kick thos boys butts ok? :D

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