Wednesday, October 28

A knack for storage

Tonight, we had a chicken salad for dinner.

For dessert, we had Reese's Cups.

Ethan ate his Reese's Cup. After a few minutes, I noticed he had something in his mouth. He opened wide to reveal a nearly whole piece of chicken, the same piece he had in his mouth when he started to eat the Reese's.

In other news, I did a thorough cleaning and organizing of Ethan's room this weekend. In his toy box I found the following items, among others: a battery, a commemorative coin, a moldy sippy cup half-full of milk, a computer mouse, two empty makeup containers, and two tubes of hand lotion.


The Bug said...

When my nephew was small his parents found a whole "emergency stash" in his closet - candy, toothpaste, etc. I guess in case they ever locked him in there? We weren't sure.

Idaho Dad said...

That's impressive that he could eat the Reese's Cup with the chicken in his mouth. My son can eat his whole dinner with gum stuck to one side of his teeth.

Maggie May said...

i found my wedding ring in Lola's one year!

Natalie said...

Hey, my kiddies do the EXACT same thing! My 3-year-old is the worse though. He can smell any candy, especially if it's hidden so that's always a fun find next to the moldy milk sippys.

They must be forming their winter storage supply.

Dan said...

Reeses cups are the most descustig confectionery ever made.

that is all.

Jen said...

Kids are squirrels, it's amazing what you find tucked away in their hidey holes. And accounting for all sippy cups throughout the day takes up a fair amount of my time.

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