Thursday, October 22

Bodies in Motivation

Okay you guys, Linda (of All & Sundry and Bodies in Motivation and who knows where else this woman is spreading her talent around) has been awesome enough to want to use my tale of woe tale of ass-pain tale of triathloning triumph at Bodies in Motivation today!

Yes, I already wrote about it here. But! This kind of thing deserves inspection from multiple angles. The one at Bodies in Motivation is the hey-remember-that-time-I-created-human-life-and-had-an-organ-removed-also? angle.

And if you're here for the first time via Bodies in Motivation, well. You make me feel special deep within my heart, as do all my readers, so stick around. I'm prone to humiliating myself for your viewing pleasure.


Slamdunk said...

I am glad that your writing talents continue to be recognized. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED it!!! My favorite line: "Though I will admit to elderly behavior, such as irritation with loud commercials and an ability to nap frequently."


Anonymous said...


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