Tuesday, September 8

Works in progress

In an attempt to distract myself from my impending doom upcoming sprint triathlon—and by upcoming I mean in less than two weeks OH MY BOB WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO—ahem, as I was saying. So, in an effort to distract myself, I did what I usually do: home improvement projects.

Me: Say, Noah, want to put up a chair rail in the kitchen?
Noah: No.
Me: Okay. [Retrieves painter's tape from cabinet, begins measuring]

Long story short, we put up a chair rail this weekend!



I also sanded and re-stained the pedestal table we bought on Craigslist after my mom destroyed our old dinette. (For some reason, the previous owners had stained the solid oak table a sort of sepia green color; I used Cabot Polystain in Dark Oak, as suggested by Katie of All Bower Power, for a deep, rich finish. What to do about the chairs is still a dilemma.)

And FTW, the table...

(For some other reason, I almost always forget to take before pictures, hence the lack of table before and painter-taped kitchen before. Could I Photoshop it out? Sure. Am I going to? No.)

And then, later, as I was mowing the lawn (!) I thought to myself, "Erin, you are quite the pioneer woman!" I even sweated stinky sweat, and I never sweat stinky sweat. I got a little overzealous, though, and attempted to mow the very steep hill in our backyard. I got to the top, then nearly tumbled back down, mower included. So I left that part for Noah.

What can I say? I'm the dreamer, he's the do-er.

In other news, I've decided that I'm really over it when it comes to Russian women's tennis players. They're all so freakin emotional and negative. And after painting with that very broad stroke, I'd like to say specifically, GO MELANIE OUDIN!


mappchik said...

The chair rail looks very good. Downright cheery.

Table looks good too. I admire your courage in putting a toddler so near the brand new finish.

Erin said...

mappchik—I have resigned myself to having furniture with "patina." I resigned myself the moment Ethan walked up to the new tabletop, before it was even reattached to the base, and whacked it with an old towel bar he found Bob knows where.

Bethany said...

And, seriously? How do they get so much beauty into tall, blonde athletes? It's annoying.

Good luck in the big race!!

Slamdunk said...

Great work with the home improvement projects.

Our garage is currently filled with a freshly painted and deconstructed picnic table that seats eight. We should be ready to move it to the backyard tomorrow--provided we can find a time where no kids will escape while both parents are lifting.

Dawn said...

Very spiffy! It makes me want to do something similarly spiffy!

Anonymous said...

My sister and I were just facebooking about this. When we have things we should be doing we all procrastinate in different ways. Sort of kind of the same as what you were saying.

Anyway, I take baths. My sister facebooks. My friend cleans.

Anonymous said...

I am seriously impressed. The most I can do for my house is wash the sheets and take out the recycling ... I leave actual improvements to paid, un-klutzy professionals.

Unknown said...

Your table is gorgeous. And that little boy! Looks so toddler-like!

B said...

That table is gorgeous!!! What an awesome find. I'm gonna have to check out Craig's because our kitchen table has been mostly eaten by the dog during her tumultuous puppy first-year.

Erin said...

@Bethany—Caroline Wozniacki. Now there's a tall blonde I can endorse.

@Slamdunk—Today we discovered that Ethan can collapse the ironing board. Nothing is safe anymore.

@Dawn—If your spifification requires wood stain, I highly recommend the Cabot Polystain. Stain and polyurethain, all in one!

@Copswife—I'm a bath-taker too. I wish I had some of that cleaning gene in me.

@Sal—Don't undersell sheet washing. It's crucial.

@Lisa—I was just groaning over the fact that he's looking far less babylike these days.

@Bethany MoM—Here's why I love Craigslist: great, solid pieces (if you're patient and check back regularly); inexpensive prices; stuff looks great when you're done with it, but you don't have to die a slow death watching your kids knick and scratch and stain it.

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