Wednesday, September 30

Don't taze me bro

This year our police department finally received funding for tasers, and today, Noah was issued one. Which means all those unruly old women and petulant college students? They've got another thing coming.

No, what it really means is today Noah had to be tased. I didn't sleep well last night worrying about those 5 seconds of torment he was going to go through. Apparently, being zapped with 50,000 volts on your back isn't the most comfortable thing in the world. I'm halfway considering provoking Noah to use it on me, just so I can compare it to childbirth.

You know, the thing is, I don't think the general public realizes the training police go through in order to be issued their weapons. And then all the times they unintentionally get zapped or pepper sprayed in the line of duty, when cracked out or psychotic subjects start getting violent.

Noah has two small burns from the experience—one on his lower left back, and one on his upper right shoulder that has melted into a tiny crater of smoldered flesh. So next time you see a video of some cop tasing a suspect, remember that he or she knows exactly what it feels like, and probably knows better than the "victim" does, because the police have to stand up and take it head on with full knowledge that it's coming.

They've all been burned, too. And oftentimes, worse.


Ben Grimes said...

Great post, Erin! Police officers get the worst criticism for using tasers, but they are so effective. Isn't this the second time he's been tased? Man Noah is one strong dude. I would probably need to stay at a hospital a day or two lol.

Natalie said...

I posted about tazing in my recent Walking a Thin Blue Line post. The Cop Wives all got together and watched videos of our hubbies getting tazed, laughing and enjoying the twitchy fish movements and facial expressions. I always roll my eyes with disgust when I watch the video with my husband because he looks like a tall numpty.

It wasn't until recently that I realized I've really hurt his feelings making fun of his reaction to getting tazed because he had no control over his reaction. It makes him vulnerable, which is an extremely uncomfortable place for LEOs to be. Thanks for the different perspective (though it's still a hoot to watch!)

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