Friday, September 25

Does anyone know how to diagnose a broken toe?

For instance:

The other ones don't look so hot either, but it's that purple one that concerns me the most.

Also? I need a pedicure.


Dawn said...

I've broken both my pinkie toes (ballet); they basically looked like little grapes and hurt something fierce, but since the joints are so much smaller for the pinkies I really don't know what a longer toe *should*(?) look like when broken.
All they did for my pinkie toes was wrap 'em in athletic tape and told me, in the words of my eloquent father, to "suck it up, buttercup." Here's hoping your insurance at least springs for a lollipop.
I hope it feels better soon!

Idaho Dad said...

Is this a foreshadowing of the Hadrian's Walk?

Ms Constantine said...

I was just going to say what Dawn said. Even if it's broken they can't do anything but wrap it in tape and send you on your way.

the bones are so tiny you just sorta have to let it do its thing. If you can get it seen for free, sweet. Otherwise I wouldn't waste the money.

But, y'no I'm not a doctor or anything.

Catherine said...


I thought I'd broken my toe once, hurt like a bitch, couldn't move it and it turned out it was just badly bruised, and anyway there's not much they could've done about it even if I had broken it. Healed up quite fast though.

Simply Valorie said...

Ooh that looks painful. I'm not sure if that's broken, but when I broke a finger they just wrapped it in athletic tape and told me to walk it off, so I wouldn't waste the money to go to a doctor, especially not in this recession. If it keeps swelling and getting worse, maybe, but I think you'll survive.

What were you doing to break it?

Jen said...

At the risk of not being original, Ouch. And I'd tape it to your other toe to keep it immobile. And take some Aleve :(

(I'm not a doctor either, but sometimes wish I were!)

May @ Anne and May said...

As a life-long soccer player, I'm going with a, Yep! on that. Looks very broken to me. And I've broken a few in my day.

But the good/bad news is that there's nothing you can do for it. Just wait it out...

Erin said...

Thanks all! And Dawn, I'm afraid what I did to break/bruise/whatever it wasn't as graceful as ballet—or as cool as soccer, May.

I literally tripped on the stairs going to my grad class on Thursday evening.

Arjan said...

I'd say..go see the doctorrrrr. If it's not broken, well than it's really really bruised!
But at least you'll know for sure. Better to get it fixed before starting the Hadrian's.

Unknown said...

My toe looks EXACTLY like that! same toe and all! (i know this is the most delayed comment ever, but i thought i would share haha)

anywaay i wanted to know if mine was broken too! the toes gone frigggin huuuuge and a nice reddy colour! lovely.

sorry for rambling!

shantel =)

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