Tuesday, September 1

The -ber months begin

The first time Noah told me that he loved the -ber months, what I saw in my head was "brr." As in cold. Which kinda sorta works, except September isn't always cold, though it definitely falls into the family if you consider the -ber distinction separate and apart from brr.

So today is the first of SeptemBER and it's leaning more toward BRR than was expected, which I appreciate. My friend Lisa just wrote on her blog Mastering the Miles that the sudden absence of humidity has made her runs (and her self-confidence) much more rewarding, which I can relate to.

There was a point a couple weeks ago when I felt like I was running on Polish sausages rather than legs, and Self-Defeating Erin started to chant "FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!" during my workouts. I actually started to tell myself that maybe I was pregnant, because everyone at my office seems to be getting pregnant (no really, three confirmed cases out of just 11 people total) and also because what else could explain my lethargy and bloating?

It turns out of course that I'm not pregnant and had no real reason to believe that I was besides needing an excuse for sucking at exercise.

So in conclusion, we are not trying to have another baby yet, and apparently I need to seek medical help with expunging Self-Defeating Erin from my psyche. Also, this evening I'll be biking the trail for my upcoming sprint-triathlon with a couple of gal pals also doing the race, and Noah (who will be escorting a be-helmeted Ethan in a Copilot Limo.) I'm scared.

Happy autumn everyone!


Anonymous said...

I so wish I had thought of that: the BER months. Brrrrrrrrrrrr

Unknown said...

I think your psyche transcended into my reality...boo. Good thing I have a whole week to get it ALL back together, right? Oh so... All's I really have to say is I'm glad the pilot and co-pilot were there to save the day!

Natalie said...

In Idaho, the terminology TOTALLY fits! For some strange reason, once the -ber months hit, the state takes it literal. It's also not prejudiced against the summer months and we've been known to have snow in every month. Why am I still living here?!

Dawn Williams said...

Okay, you have a baby and you're running and biking and doing a triathlon.

I need to work out.

Slamdunk said...

Hopefully, your NC lifestyle will make the title less accurate as compared to an Chitown perspective. Unfortunately, I am doomed to quality time with my snow shovel in the NE.

Anonymous said...

I want someone to cart ME around in a Co-pilot Limo!

mappchik said...

We have really had a marvelous break from the hot/humid combo in Atlanta over the past several days (it's been humid & cool or clear & warm). It made working out fun again (it was mostly the running that was miserable - you create your own breeze when riding.)

I am so happy about heading into the ber months - which I will be using as an alternate to autumn from this day forward.

Good luck on your group ride tonight. Here's hoping that the beautiful weather & good company dispel the lingering traces of Self-Defeating Erin!

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