Friday, August 28

The post of zero fabrication

Since I tweeted that cheerful and uncharacteristically optimistic statement ("Today must be my day. Maybe I should buy a lotto ticket" the following has happened:
  • Ethan projectile vomited all over the back seat of the car
  • I forked over nearly 600 clams for part of my tuition and books
  • A girl cut in front of a line of five people, of which I was one, with the excuse "I'm four months pregnant," delivered completely unabashedly and with a hint of entitlement
  • A blister developed on my left heel
Again with the universe and the jokes.


jjdaddyo said...

I think I would have asked for some ultrasound verification... after all, maybe she's just fat?
Or maybe I could have jumped in front of HER, saying, "Excuse me, I'm the father of twins".
I probably would have just gaped at her, however.

Bethany said...

ohmystars! your poor car! febreeze, and... uh... borax. also, poor ethan.

Erin said...

JJ—It was one of those moments when we were all so stunned nobody said anything, we just all looked at each other in flabbergastedness.

Bethany—This is (quite unfortunately) the second time this particular car has been vomited in (both un-alcohol-related). I'm starting to think we should keep a bottle of Febreeze in it permanently.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, 4 months? I've never carried a child so I should not talk, but isn't that a big early to be so entitled?

Tara said...

ha, i wish that girl had pushed in front of me.i totally would have told her so was i...nah i dont like to lie, i cant help but say things in situations like that. if you are not pregnant enough for people to be able to tell of their own accord,you are so not entitled to any extra privaleges. I waitressed into my 7th month of my first pregnancy.

Jen said...

What a crap-tacular end to your day. Hope you didn't spend the money on tickets that surely wouldn't be winners :) Having myself had 4 kids (the last 2 13 months apart), there are all types of people out there, some angels, some not - the line-cutter clearly isn't, and she certainly wasn't entitled to anything, not being far enough along to have bladder issues yet. Jeesh.

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