Monday, August 31

My head hurts

And not metaphorically. My actual, physical head hurts—the whole thing, including the face and hair. So today I will look to the ever-present wellspring of blog fodder: my mother, who is Much Worse Since She Learned How to Text.

Mom: When can we expect some California pictures
Me: Todayish
Mom: Goodish. Did you lie about mailing me the card.
Me: No I didn't. Why are you so suspicious?
Mom: Maybe because you are a compulsive liar which seems to run in the family. Something of which I do not boast.
Mom: Don't take that personally.
Me: It's okay. I know you're really referencing Nanny.
Mom: Well and some. If the shoe fits as they say.
Me: I am trying to work here.
Mom: Me too and probably harder than you. Talk later.

P.S. I'm the featured topic over at Hadrian's Walk. You should check it out, because I don't often agree to interviews. I'm very private.


Anonymous said...

You know Erin, I know you just do this in hopes that I will stop texting in case you print it - well tough, not gonna happen!

Love, Mum

Anonymous said...

They very much captured very Erinish stories and quotes. I approve. :-)

Jen said...

Hadrian's Walk won't load for me :( but I'll try again later. Your Mom is a hoot! (Stop lying about her).

Slamdunk said...

You really did get personal over at the link--stay away from you on a chili dinner night (hehehehe).

Idaho Dad said...

Payment for said interview will be in the mail next week. Hope you like pineapples.

Natalie said...

I love the relationship with your mom! My mom's a bit too proper to be honest like that, but I'm slowly wearing her down.

As for Hadrian's Walk, I finally looked into it a bit more and it loos SO cool! When I went to Hadrian's Wall it was with some Scottish friends we were staying with and only went for the afternoon. I would've LOVED to have had a purpose while being there (watch out for the sheep...I've never seen sheep eat while on their knees and roam at the same time...weirdest thing I've ever seen).

If you get a chance while near Carlisle. Go to the castle (don't get the ginger beer). You won't regret it. I'm so envious!

Sarah Moïse Young said...

Did you really mail a card? I used to lie constantly about mailing stuff at boarding school. 100% of my outgoing mail got mysteriously lost in the system. I was a very slack correspondent.

Erin said...

Anonymous Mom—I have to take my revenge somehow.

copswife—I like to think it captured my true essence.

Jen—I don't usually lie about her, just to her.

Slamdunk—I said I DON'T have a problem!!!!

Idaho Dad—I hope those people give you some sort of corporate deal, because you totally convinced me that they have the best dried fruit on Earth.

Natalie—I find that the Andy Bernard model for success (slowly and painfully wearing someone down) worked well on my mother.

Sarah—I did mail the card. But I lied about it when she asked me last week if I mailed it. Typically I lie about it once to cover my tracks, then mail the item, then I don't have to lie about it next time.

Tricia said...

This is totally cracking me up, thanks for the great morning laugh!

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