Friday, July 3

Special powers

As a medical transcriptionist, my mom can decipher meaning from the mayhem of foreign doctors' dictations. And she can do it at the rate of over a hundred words a minute.


I heard: A sturdy turdist.
She heard: Respiratory therapist.

Aside from her other special power (inexhaustible dialogue), I'd say that's pretty impressive. I'd also say I wouldn't last long as a medical transcriptionist.


Slamdunk said...

She should be able to list on a resume that ability as the equivalent of "fluent in a foreign language."

Meadowlark said...

So you don't think the doctor actually SAID a sturdy turdist? Because that totally could be something a doctor would say!

I saw a shirt on a mommy blog that said:
I make milk.
What's YOUR superpower.

I loved it!

Anonymous said...

That is a seriously specialized super power.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Darlin:

I always thought I had special powers - but seeing it actually written on paper - well it makes it really true doesn't it?


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