Wednesday, July 22

The last virgin of our generation

For going on a year now, I've been entrenched in this weird and wonderful world of blogging. Noah has always supported this venture, but he's still not really a part of it. "Oh look! A pingback!" I'll say. "What's a pingback?" says he. Or, "If I'm going to switch to my own domain name, I might as well make the leap to wordpress, if I really want to, and do it all at once," I'll say. "What's wordpress?" he'll say.

What with this Hadrian's Walk do in our future, Noah now has a vested interest in getting to know the other walkers, most of whom are bloggers too, through the website.

And now I'd like to make an announcement. For the first time ever, Noah made a comment on somebody's blog post tonight.

[cue wild applause]

You see, Dan wrote a post inspired by my "Eejit in training" entry, and Noah felt compelled to "get his face out there" by commenting in writing what he commented verbally after reading it.

Noah: What should I write?
Erin: Write what you said out loud. "This makes me want to move to England."
Noah: Will my gravatar show up?
Erin: Yes.
Noah: How do you know?
Erin: Because this blog has been enabled to accept gravatars.
Noah: But where is it?
Erin: It will show up when you submit your comment.
Noah: Are you sure?
Erin: Yes.

Fifteen minutes later, after much stopping and starting, numerous reviews of the post itself, several rounds of edit, and another reassurance that his gravatar would magically appear, Noah posted this comment:
Noah says:

Beautiful pics, despite the lack of knob-playing.

If I’m not mistaken, that was my first comment on a blog, ever.

And then we high-fived.


Slamdunk said...

Welcome to the other side Noah. I am not sure if I sure try to remember my first post or just to say that it was all a blur as I was young and dumb...

Natalie said...

Ha! That's great, but I have to admit, I didn't know that everything had technical names, so I learned something new as well!

Anonymous said...

Um... congratulations?

(Don't know what else to say when someone loses their blog virginity.)

Anonymous said...

Rock on, Noah.

Jasmine said...

Noah sounds fun! Also... I can't even figure out my own gravatar... and I own my domain! Go figure!

Dan said...

What does it feel like to have your husbands cherry popped by another man? I guess you aren't stimulating enough for him huh?

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ahhhh. Congrats Noel. ANd I new experiences are good right? ;D

Anonymous said...

Oh Dan, that was so rude a comment to make

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