Monday, July 27

I imagine this is how Brangelina's children must treat them

I'm sure you regular readers must know Dan. Dan, of All That Comes With It and, more recently, Hadrian's Walk. Dan can often be found leaving sarcastic and borderline inappropriate notes in the comments of many of my posts. Dan can also be found nestled securely in the #7 slot of the Top 100 British Parent Bloggers. Needless to say, I'm confident that his new-found fame—he was even recognized by a random passerby at the library!—will make him exponentially more insufferable.

However, I'm pretty sure his lovely daughter gave him a bitter dose of reality last week, as children are wont to do.

You see, Amy has become my biggest fan.

Apparently she asked Dan if he knew anyone who was 25 years old, and it just so happens that I'm 25 years old (for another couple weeks anyway). So she started asking questions, and he showed her my blog, then the inevitable happened: She realized that she had stumbled upon The Coolest 25-Year-Old There Is. Then, in a show of humility and fatherly love, Dan so generously informed me: "She was taken to you for some reason and decided to write you a letter. she asked me to mail it to you, but that sh*t costs money so you're getting a transcript."

I won't share the transcribed contents of it here (although I have to say my favorite line was "her fringe is sweept to the side"—that it is!!), but I would like to share this drawing with you, hoping that Amy won't mind:

A startling likeness.

Not only was I pleased to digitally receive my very first piece of fan mail, as well as gaining another pen pal, I was also delighted to see that my young friend shares my love of drawing.

Ever since I was a kid, I've been a champion drawer. In high school I took a number of art classes, and my parents were amongst the few who actually encouraged their child to study art in college. These days, though, my drawing skills are confined to work notebooks, in which I shock and awe my coworkers with my incredibly uncanny abilities during long and boring conference calls.

Side note: One time I was trying to talk to Noah about a guy we both knew in college, but for the life of me I couldn't remember his name. I kept trying to describe him, but Noah wasn't cooperating. So I whipped out a pen and paper and drew a cartoon version of the guy in question. Amazingly, Noah knew EXACTLY who I was talking about, based solely on the drawing! Such is the extent of my talent.

Naturally, my response to Amy must include a drawing of my own:

Incidentally, this coincides perfectly with a suggestion I got from said coworkers to start featuring my drawings on the blog. So if any of you have an animal in mind that you'd like to see me render on the page, feel free to leave suggestions in the comments.

But I must say, I'm especially good at drawing snakes, as well as dogs in the process of pooing.


Slamdunk said...

Congrats on the fan club member--I was hoping to see her draw you in that swimming cap.

Hmmm, animals... Do bugs count as "animals?"

If so, I request a praying mantis.

Anonymous said...

Please draw me a North American badger. PLEASE.

Seanachie said...

I've always been a fan of the liger.

Helen said...


Tina said...

Definitely dog pooing. De. Fin. It. Lee.

Meadowlark said...

I second Sal... badgers ROCK. Or if not a badger, I'd settle for a raccoon.

Peace, my almost famous almost friend.

Idaho Dad said...

I'd pay good money for a drawing of a stay-at-home dad monkey.

Catherine said...

Elephants are almost as cool as meercats. Have you seen that youtube clip of the elephant painting a flower? Awesome!

Great drawing btw. More!!

mrs. fuzz said...

that's a lovely drawing. And great story.

I would love it if you could draw something "with a body of a walrus and the head of a sea lion".

What's that from? anyone?

Anonymous said...

unicorrrrrn please!!! :)

Erin said...

Mrs. Fuzz—The Office! Episode 1, Season 4: Fun Run!! I just watched that last night! And now you know the extend of my dorkiness.

Anonymous said...

You should scan the picture of the Irish dancer you drew and had made into a T-Shirt and only got paid $50 for. I know that is not an animal, but I think it is great. The pastel you did that is in our family room is too big to scan (again no animals). Do you have the Antelope or Zebra montage you did? That is good too (you could take a picture and post it). If strictly looking to aminals to draw, then I vote dog pooing, preferably one that looks like Cody in the "poo woods".


May @ Anne and May said...

The kid has good taste. I'm obsessed with you too but I don't have a picture to prove it.

Dan said...

That's a lovely picture Erin. I wish I could draw Rhinos like that. Or is it a hippo? Whatever it, it's very good.

you should of course, draw an Ocelot.

I have yet to show Amy your return letter, mainly because I've been working pretty solid and haven't spent as much time with her as I'd like. however I'm off today so we shall use your letter as reading practice.

I only wish your spelling was a little better. i don't want her learning bad habits.

jenloveskev said...

That is a very cute elephant!
I am also partial to giraffes if you want to draw one of them!!!

Erin said...

Anonymous Dad—The collage was of GAZELLES.

May—Can I consider you my first stalker then? All famous people need one of those.

Dan—No, silly. That's a portrait of YOU!

Jennifer—[hyperventilating] OMG I'm talking about my drawing skillz and an art teacher said my elephant was cute!

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