Wednesday, July 29

The dresser's gold trim made the whole thing even classier

Way back when my brother was young and impressionable—as opposed to now, when he's older and impressionable—he was known to say embarrassing and inappropriate things. Things that little boys giggle over.

Like when we were playing baseball in the backyard with Dad (Kyle was hitting tennis balls over the backyard fence at the age of 3). There are several classic family anectdotes related to backyard baseball, among them the Erin Toots Repeatedly As She Runs Around the Bases Incident and the time a ground ball Dad hit took a weird bounce and, according to Kyle, "Hit Erin in the China!"

It was around this time that Kyle also and unfortunately found a permanent marker used for addressing overseas packages. One afternoon, following a few minutes of unsupervised play, it was discovered that Kyle had taken that permanent marker and written the word "bra" on Nanny's dresser. On the top, above one of the drawers. Actually, he didn't write "bra." What he wrote was:


And forever more, no matter how many awkwardly placed doilies attempted to cover it, Nanny's dresser has proclaimed BRA. In fact, she may have used it as a label so as to always know which drawer housed her knickers.

Well that dresser is now sitting on the curb outside my parents' house, waiting to be picked up by a donation service. Why? Because my parents are moving. Here.

When my Dad lost his job this past January, they decided to consider looking here so they could be near us Ethan. Although Dad hasn't found a job yet, believe it or not he has way more prospects here compared to the zero prospects in the Chicagoland area. And just a couple of days ago, Mom got the great news from her employer that she can continue working for them from home in North Carolina.

So, I've been preparing the spare room for our temporary house guests (they're planning on coming in October and acquiring their own house once they're here). And how exactly have I been preparing? Well, for starters by removing all protuberances from the walls, such as curtain rods and pictures. I've also begun tacking up padding and covering all the outlets. Because with them, you never can tell what will go wrong.

Kyle will be in school in Oklahoma, but he'll be here with us on holidays, at which times I'll be hiding all the Sharpies.


Meadowlark said...

Ooooh!!! A multi-generational adventure! Can't wait to hear how you'll spin it to make those long-suffering godsends look bad. ;)

Anonymous said...

So instead of child proofing the house my daughter is parent-proofing the house. Hmmm... With that kind of attitude, we'll see how far we'll get with the projects I'm she already has lined up for me. So Meadowlark, wait with baited breath as I'm sure the first week will hold some disaster.
On a better note, I will probably need to get a bigger memory card for my camera as I'm sure the pictures (of which at least half...actually all of the pictures) of Ethan on Erin's blog are from my cameras (my new one and the one Erin tricked me out of).
This is definitely a new adventure for us. I like the idea of the 'rents as Erin calls us, moving in with the kids instead of vice versa. Payback time baby!


Slamdunk said...

Ha, sounds like great material for your blog--like a great sitcom or something.

Super news about the work-at-home deal for mom, and the barbecue is enough reason to move to NC; job prospects, family, or not...

Natalie said...

Hah! Having grown up with 5 brothers, no sisters, I know all about needing to grow a tough skin. In fact, I should clarify that there were actually 6 "boys" in the house since my dad was one of the worst ones in teasing me. Can't wait to hear more family stories.

Kate Riley said...

No one ever painted over "Bra"? All those years? That is funny. My folks have lived with us in our guest house for 10 months now, and now that my dad has a job offer in Southern California, they are moving out. My kids are really sad about it. I am noticeably silent.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are a seriously good daughter.

Erin said...

Centsational Girl—I'm the crafty one in the family, and frankly, I didn't know that painting furniture was an option until about, oh, last year. Also, my mom wants to know why you were noticeably silent. I told her "she's probably overcome with sadness." ;)

Sal—My dad is a seriously good personal chef. So there's that.

Jo Beaufoix said...

I just have this image in my head of people on the street passing by that dresser and chuckling to themselves. Because the word BRA is quite funny when scrawled on furniture by a small child.

I'd be careful what you write here while your 'rents' are living at your house though, or Ethan might suddenly get all talented in the handwriting department just before they leave. I'm just saying. ;D

Jillian said...

Well, I'm happy that you're family is going to be close to you, but I'm also a little miffed. Once I realized your fam was in Chicago, I was hoping to sucker you into getting together the next time you visited the Windy City. So... boo.

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