Thursday, July 30

Believe it or not, my legs are paler than this in winter

Today, I did the unthinkable.

Today, I rode my bike...on the road. Not just any road. A two-lane country road! With two lanes! Separated by paint! I know, WILD right?!

And although I was actually only on that road for a total of 30 seconds (round-trip), I felt exhilarated. As I was reaching the end of the lane into our neighborhood, I was hit with a surge of moxie and instead of popping a U-ie just took a right instead. I explored two lovely neighborhoods I hadn't been in before then turned back for home. And to get home, I had to make...A LEFT TURN. OFF THE TWO-LANE ROAD WITH TWO LANES.

I glanced over my shoulder, hoping to see a clear stretch as I had when I first started this uncharacteristically risky caper, but of course there was a line of three cars slowly approaching behind me. My mind began to race as I realized I would have to...USE ARM SIGNALS! I've never used arm signals on a bike before, because I've never had to. The most directional information I've had to communicate on a bike was a loud "On your left!" one time on a bike trail. And that was to my mother-in-law, as I passed her after she asked me to take the lead.

Basically what I did was extend my arm straight out to the side (the direction I was turning), then I think I might have waved it around and pointed a little bit, for emphasis. Regardless, the driver must have understood what my flailing meant, because she didn't run me over. And I lived to tell the tale.

So shocked by my own chutzpah was I that I had Noah take a picture of me with my bike afterward to mark this day, a picture that didn't turn out great for a number of reasons:

1) Noah has a bad habit of making me look fat in photographs
2) In addition to biking for 30 minutes in our very hilly neighborhood, I had just run jogged lumbered around on foot for 10 minutes, so as to "practice my transitions" for the sprint tri. Thus, I was covered in three gallons of sweat.
3) There was a storm rolling in, so I didn't have the opportunity for a 15-minute photo shoot. Which is the average length of time it takes to get one photo of me with only one chin, and I'm not really sure why.

After a few shots I told him we could call it a day, and I'd just Photoshop the best image to make myself look better. So I did:

This folks. This is the face of a champion.


Costume Diva said...

Hooray! You should be proud!

Unknown said...

GO ERIN! Wait until the first time an 18-wheeler passes you and you'll feel your entire left side go numb.

Anonymous said...

I tried typing three different comments and none seemed appropriate (though one was a courtroom-worthy defense of Noah), so I'll just say congratulations! :)

I've got to get my wife turned on to your blog. She'd love it.

Slamdunk said...

Lol--thanks for the laugh...

Anonymous said...

What happened???? You used to tan so nicely when we lived in California. Why did you PhotoShop your legs to make them look like those you would see on CSI in the morgue? You should have tanned them to make it look as though you actually come out in the sun during the day. I am shocked that the 1/16th Choctaw (I think..) didn't come out from the time you have spent in the sun. I am wearing sandals here in Chitown and have a tan line across my toes and in between the straps. Very disappointing. :-(


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Trying again.

The thing that totally cracked me up is: "Noah has a bad habit of making me look fat in photographs"

Anonymous said...

You goof. I wanted to see your smiley, sweaty visage! But hey, well done on the road riding. You're a star, all right!

mappchik said...

Congrats on the road ride!

I got a good laugh out of the "Noah has a bad habit of making me look fat in photographs." Just wait until your son gets his hands on the camera in a few years. Children have a knack for taking pictures at the maximum chin angle... a lovely neck and single chin becomes instant "mamma the hutt"

Erin said...

Christopher—What are you waiting for?!

Anonymous Dad—My arms are tanner than my legs. So maybe they got the 1/16th Choctaw and my legs got the 50% Irish.

Mapchick—I need to start practicing my photo subject skills. Like the Olsen sisters.

Bethany said...

Nice. I Love It!!

Jillian said...

I've been riding my bike (on the road!) for about two weeks now, and I too was over excited the first time I successfully used arm signals to turn left. Today was my most impressive ride to date: I biked to the semi-local WholeFoods, then back to another grocery store, then to the library, and finally, home--all on my own. I not only used arm signals when necessary, but I also used my fancy U-Lock at all three destinations with little to no trouble.

Keep it up!

Unknown said...

It seems as if your photoshop skills may be lacking, if you need help I'm here for you. I take it you musta erased your head in an effort to figure out the trasparency ratio for your legs.
You know I love ya - I'm just jealous!!
You're a tri-Queen!

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