Tuesday, June 9

TMI. Too Much Information. I used to say "Don't go there," but that's just lame.

I congratulated myself on getting down to my pre-pregnancy weight fairly quickly, and with no particular effort other than not eating Cinnabons or bacon on a regular basis.

(cue 80s-style xylophonic lead-in to dream sequence) Back when I was a dancer, I could eat a McDonald's two cheeseburger meal—remember those?—twice a week on the way home from dance and never gain an ounce. (/dream sequence)

To give you a better picture of how thin I was back then, I have gained a grand total of 31 pounds in the 5 years since getting married, and I'm still in the normal weight range for my height.

Although, after my doctor's appointment last week, I have learned that I am now teetering on the opposite edge of the "normal" weight range. According to that hideous scale at the doctor's office, that medieval-torture-contraptionesque device, I have gained six pounds since getting rid of all my baby weight.

But, I have to wonder. How much of that is boobs?


Anonymous said...

Until they invent a boob scale, you'll never know for sure.

Meadowlark said...

Husband always offer to weigh them for me, using his hands as the scale.

Oh, how very clever men (think they) are.


Jen said...

Personally, not much :) I'm sitting on all of mine Lol!

Tina said...

I second that, Jen. That doesn't stop men from offering to weigh them anyhow. Well, less "men" these days and more just "husband". He's so helpful.

Tina said...

And here's an award for your awesome blogginess. Come on over to check it out. =) Love!

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