Friday, June 12

This morning she woke me up with this: "We didn't break it, but..."

Mom: Wait till you see how she's going to trash us on that freakin' blog...
Dad: She already has.
Mom: ...and then wait'll you see what I write in the wee box.

So, in order to remain in the will respect my family, I will post this instead:

He's heard The Office theme song so many times (including while in utero) that every time he hears it—and I mean every single time—he drops what he's doing to let the rhythm overtake him.

As a bonus, here he is wearing a headband as a crown, with Cody standing in the wings behind (no doubt at the ready to perform his bodyguard food tester services for our little prince):

Go on and say he isn't cute. I dare you.


Tina said...

He's clearly future leader of the universe. 1.) He's adorable. 2.) His head longs for a crown. 3.) He has great taste in witty, sarcasm-ridden sitcoms. 4.) He has you for his momma! =)

Costume Diva said...

I really liked the shoulder dip he had goin on at the end! He's got mooooves!

Dan said...

That's a funky mover you've got there.

Jen said...

I'd say he isn't cute, but I'd be lying :)

Slamdunk said...

Good to see he got a healthy dose of those dancer genes--you may even be able to work that into a scholarship in 16 years or so.

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

ok. a couple things.
1) the "wee box"? that made me pee i laughed so hard.

b- he is shakin his money maker!

12. doesn't everyone wear a headband for a crown? i'm just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Headband as crown = genius

Anonymous said...

Tell your poor wee mum that I'm waiting to see her comments as well. I'll hear all about her visit over lunch soon.

Debbie O. (Mum's friend)

Erin said...

Thanks everyone, for your support of our future So You Think You Can Dance winner. Lucky for us, we live in the same town as the UNC School of the Arts.

Costume Diva—I'm so pleased you noticed the shoulder dip. That's one of his signature moves.

Debbie O.—I'm sure Mom will talk your ear off when she gets home. And once again, sorry about that "fart" email! (chuckles sheepishly)

Anonymous said...

Well I don't want to shatter Erin's avid blog readers reality about her, but here are a few tidbits for you to chew on.

1) Erin is a Nazi when it comes to playing Wii Tennis. She gets verbally and physically abusive when she doesn't win. Her husband's arms are covered with bruises (they could be freckles, but they could also be little bruises)

2) DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT even think about getting up from the couch in the middle of a movie to take "life saving medicine" (and I mean Ibuprofen) without expecting a verbal tongue lashing (you could've asked to pause...are you bored with the movie?...Can you bring me the Twizzlers while you're up...)

3) The kitchen table they purchased wasn't Ethan Allen, but Wal-Mart make furniture that should hold up for $150. But the chair broke for no apparent reason and after falling Noah (the police officer) immediately assisted me in getting up whereas Erin immediately asked when we were getting her a new table and chairs.

All in all we had a great time and look forward to our next visit when I am sure Erin will be asking us to purchase new household items after we "break them".

Love you all (more to Ethan than you two)


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