Tuesday, June 2

One of my more endearing qualities

A while back, I divulged a less than flattering truth about myself: When I'm tired, I'm a real grump. I know you guys who are new to this blog are probably shocked, since normally I'm so cheerful and charming. But it's true.

As evidenced here, here, and okay fine, here too. And maybe a little bit here. In fact, when I found out I was pregnant with Ethan, my most vivid and haunting fear was the loss of sleep that would inevitably follow the birth of a baby.

This morning the little fuzzy-headed ninnymuggins decided to wake up at ten to six. He took his bottle and chilled for a little while, but then started bleating around 6:30. I went in and found him jumping in his crib. But I could tell he was still tired, because he, like his father, gets Tired Eyes (puffy, pinkish, decidedly more almond-shaped than normal), which belie his excessive awakeness. His tiredness was further proved by his insistence on bringing Stacy the Lion and his blanket out of the crib with him.

My own tiredness was evidenced by my reaction to Noah very thoughtfully placing the alarm clock on the bed next to me before he left at 6, so I wouldn't have to reach too far when it went off at 7:30. (hahahahaha by the way. HA.):

Noah: Bye sweetie. [places alarm clock on his pillow, which I confiscate the second he's out of bed for snuggling purposes]
Erin: Not on my aaaarm! DON'T LET IT TOUCH ME. [violently turns over, drags comforter over head]

So. A pretty standard-issue morning at Ye Olde Fierce Beagle Inn.


Jen said...

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one being awakened at ungodly hours by small people who don't know any better. I have blackout curtains on order for the rooms of the the offenders. I let you know if it works :-)

Slamdunk said...

Funny stuff (from afar of course).

+The little one I am assigned to overnight has improved her sleeping greatly. She sleeps in toddler bed next to the queen that I am in and only wakes me up one a night for a drink. Lately, she has developed the odd behavior of crawling under the queen size bed (to play a game and hide from us I guess) and then following asleep.

It is strange to find her slumbering in the dark under the dusty bed with a blanket and a stuffed animal...

Erin said...

Jen--that is a great idea! fingers crossed for you.

Slamdunk--Ethan has developed a habit of being comforted by random items. Such as an empty coke bottle and my hairdryer. Kids.

mrs. fuzz said...

The sleep thing with kids KILLS me. Especially with newborns. It makes me feel like blubbering. Especially when you have a night where all 3 seem to be up constantly and then are up for good at an unusual time, which for us is before 7 am. I've heard people say that you miss these early days the most when your kids grow up, but I'm not so sure. . .

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