Wednesday, June 24

On shorts...of a fashion

From Austin's blog.

"These same men say that women are crazy. Declaring that they’re crazy, as though one were delivering some sort of edict or universal truth, gives men the excuse they need to avoid entering the mysterious, infuriating, and intoxicating world of Woman; to avoid confessing our need of them; to insist on a reality governed only by logic and linear thought.

"Needless to say, most men lack the courage to dwell long in a realm where they must seek to listen and understand, rather than dominate and control. Most men are afraid to become students of their girlfriends, wives, lovers, sisters, and mothers because of what they stand to lose in the way of power and authority. They choose not to feed their understanding and empathy, but their machismo, because patriarchy is the duct tape that holds their world together. Being in charge offers men the false guarantee of a coherent world: man knows his place, woman, hers, and everything makes sense. The earth continues to spin on its axis while men wear the pants.

What would happen if men relinquished the surplus fabric of their pants and everyone wore shorts? God knows."

Also, go check out Maggie May's blog, where she shares a really stunning and beautiful poem about her recent, tragic miscarriage. This is one brave and talented lady.


Meadowlark said...

Feel free to delete, but wanted to know your thoughts on this post

Simply because you were speaking about men and how their thought processes differ. And because I tried to be calm and not take the guy to task, I'm just wondering if my first reaction (not the one I posted) is abnormal.

Peace out!

Erin said...

Meadowlark—I actually have read that post, and chose not to comment. I do not think your first reaction (if it was the same as mine)was abnormal. The guy writes well (if not ocassionally sensationally, in the negative sense), and I'm often impressed by his candor. That being said, sometimes he pushes the envelope too far, and ends up doing cops and men a disservice by making them all out to be, well, like him.

Anonymous said...

That is a helluva bold statement. I like it.

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