Monday, June 8

I'd like a second opinion

Noah: Oh, guess what? I found a birthmark on Ethan!
Me: [incredulous] What?! Where?
Noah: I think it's from that little scab he got on his head when he was born.
Me: Okay, but that's not a birthmark. That's a scar.
Noah: Only now it's in the front.
Me: Um... huh?
Noah: The mark moved to the front of his head.
Me: Noah, there's no way it could do that.
Noah: Well his skin has stretched since his head got bigger.
Me: [getting worried] But it wouldn't move from the back to the front!
Noah: What is it then?
Me: [lifting Ethan's now copious hair from his forehead, inspecting his scalp] Noah, you dweeb! That's cradle cap.
Noah: Oh.
Me: [to my parents and brother, sitting around the table, watching the scene unfold] Unfortunately, that's not the first time he's misinterpreted something as a birthmark. Like the time he told me he had a birthmark that sometimes faded and flared up again.
My mom: What was it?
Me: Let's just say it's nothing a little over-the-counter cream couldn't take care of.


a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

aaaaaaaaaaaand scene! you just quoted a conversation from my life too!

Tina said...

Perfect. ;) Yiiikes.

Slamdunk said...

That poor guy...

Erin said...

AMIW--You know, most of my conversations with the hubs could end with "aaaaaaaaaaand scene!"

Slamdunk--That poor guy, as in "that poor guy, suffering from a rash"? or as in "that poor guy, his wife keeps writing about all his foibles for the blogosphere to point and laugh at"? A little of both?

Disclaimer: This post topic was preapproved.

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