Monday, June 1

Frazzled, in points

  • Last night I dropped a gallon of milk on Ethan's shag rug.
  • After tiling our bathroom floor (which must set for at least 12 hours), Noah realized that he left the alarm clock on the side of the tub at the far end of the room.
  • I'm growing out some of the shorter layers in my hair to change the style a little, and it's at one of those "No matter what you do it's probably going to look stupid" stages.
  • In an attempt to Do Something About My Hair, I bought some new shampoo and conditioner. When I got home, I realized that the conditioner was half-empty. So if you see someone out there with gloriously flowing hair, who doesn't also have the hair product packaging to back it up, you're probably looking at a conditioner theif.
  • In response to a helpful email from my mom's friend, I accidentally sent an email that read, simply, "fart." Not even capitalized. I haven't seen this woman in about eight years.
  • Noah sent me a text that said "I'm not familiar." I have no idea what that's in reference to, but somehow, I can relate.
  • We've been to Lowes Home Improvement so many times in the past two weeks that...actually, that's it. We've been to Lowes Home Improvement SO MANY TIMES IN THE PAST TWO WEEKS.
  • Despite the fact that @ariali told me that she underestimated her DIY bathroom reno by a week and $500, guess what I did? Underestimated our DIY bathroom reno by a week and $500. Actually, what I did was underestimate Noah's lust for new tools by about $500. (Okay, maybe not quite that much. But still.) "I consider it a start-up cost," he says.
  • Despite having "Bath" as one of it's key selling points, the selection of bathroom hardware at Bed, Bath and Beyond is disappointingly dissapointing. Really, BB&B? Only ONE double towel bar?
  • Character-building moment: Try using water-based paint on a chair rail that you've just caulked. With waterproof caulk.
  • Last night I had trouble getting to sleep. The sheets felt rumpled, and the dog furry radiator refused to sleep anywhere but on my legs. Also, my underwear was uncomfortable (darn you, Old Navy and your crappy elastic!).


Anonymous said...

Oh dear. "Fart"? Just "fart"? OOOOOHHHHH dear.

Slamdunk said...

Wow, you all are champs. The Mrs. knew I would royally mess-up our minor bathroom modifications so we had a contractor tile the two small bathrooms and finish installing one of the sinks that we just could not get to fit right.

The extra cost was bareable--I only have to eat air sandwiches (you know two pieces of bread with crisp cool air) for another month at work to compensate for the additional home improvement funds allocated to the experts.

The Naked Redhead said...

Sounds like it's time to start sleeping sans underwear! It's good to let things "air out" anyway...

Maggie May said...

You made me laugh, twice! And really, that's what matters.


Anne Dayton said...

Why exactly had you typed "fart" in an email to your mom's friend to begin with?

mrs. fuzz said...

Oh goodness. All very frustrating, but good for making others laugh.

I've had the underwear issue before. Well, many times actually. I end up jumping out of bed and ripping my underwear off then getting back in bed. Works like a charm.

Erin said...

Anne--I'm really not at liberty to say. But let me say this: It was a case of sending a response to the wrong person.

TNR & Mrs. Fuzz--Duly noted.

Tina said...

I came over here from an old post from Kate at Centsational Girl, because she said that you make her laugh on a daily basis. Boy, she wasn't kidding. I made the mistake of reading this post at work (slacking, yes) and busted out laughing about the "fart" email. I still have tears in my eyes. Daer god, woman. Freaking hilarious. And now everyone around me is a little more certain that I'm crazy. :)

Unknown said...

I am just getting a chance to catch up . . . but the "fart" email was exactly the laugh I've been needing for weeks now . . . and as for the underwear - who even wears underwear to bed?!

Erin said...

Miss Shakes--I'm so glad to have you. And I am so glad you enjoyed this post. Although I am not liable for any work-related trouble.

Jennifer--the consensus seems to be that I'm a weirdo for wearing undies to bed. I will reconsider my stance.

Tina said...

Yeah, I second that motion, Jen. You're welcome, Noah.

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