Friday, June 19


Good news—I'm not declaring bankruptcy. However, I do have a few of my own declarations to share:

1) California here we come! We've successfully booked our free round-trip vouchers from Greensboro to Los Angeles. We'll mostly be staying with some great family friends in Torrance, but we'll also head to San Diego for a few days. This will be my first trip back to the place of my birth since we left when I was 13 years old.

2) In a moment of poolside insanity yesterday, I agreed to do a mini triathlon with Michaela. She has created a training schedule for me. I can do this.

3) We are seriously considering hiking along Hadrian's Wall with Dan and his clan next July.

4) I know I'll face ridicule for this, but I'm just going to say it: I'm just not that into TV anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love the concept of TV, and I greatly enjoy several TV shows. I'm all about watching TV on DVD. But it's something about the frenetic nature of television viewing—the loud and often obnoxious commercials, the frequent interruptions in the story for said commercials—that I just can't deal with this year. I'm much happier sitting on our back deck, counting my tomatoes and peppers as they sprout, looking at the piano and trying to work up the chutzpa to sit down and learn how to play it really well instead of sort of okay, reading books and magazines while in the tub or on the couch. Or of course watching episodes of TV shows we have on DVD, as well as a movie or two. So far, we haven't been able to take the plunge and quit paying for cable altogether. Any words of encouragement or advice? Are there any non-TV viewers out there?

I'm just glad I've stuck with TV long enough to know about the ShamWow, which is what makes this so hysterically funny:


Maggie May said...

If you have time (and I know how these things go) when you are in SD, we could try to meet our families up for lunch/dinner/random grazing/mindless chatter/etc

I hope our weather is good for you- it's been so unpredictable lately.

Dan said...

What do you mean "considering"?

I don't watch TV, but do watch dvd's of TV.

Erin said...

Maggie May—that sounds fantastic. We'll be ther in August. I'll let you know more specifics when I have them.

Dan—by "considering" I mean already packing and gathering provisions.

Helen said...

You won't miss tv. We don't have cable, we have rabbit ears. We get something like 8 or 10 channels with the new DTV switch. The only good thing about that is the fact that 3 of them are PBS, so if we do want to watch TV, there's usually something good there. Other than that, it's Hulu or Netflix for us.

Tina said...

This kid sounds like he's from Rhode Island or Boston. This is what we all sounds like up here in Rhody! And this. Is. Awesome. This + clip from The Office = I'm officially in love with you. I mean... I like you. Sorta. You're okay.

Slamdunk said...

The cali trip sounds super. I was born in southern california, lived there until I was a whole 2 years old (quite the authority), and have been back to that area twice. We like to visit, but the cost of living there is just not appealing.

I am with you on the tv thing--I can't remember the last show I watched.

Jamie said...

I tend to forget about tv. I usually just have it on in the background for noise.

May Vanderbilt said...

For a second there, I was so excited that I might get to meet you! But alas, you are headed to SoCal. Bah! If you ever go to NorCal we have to meet up!

Hadrian's wall looks amazing! Do it!

You're on your own on the TV thing. Since I write all day for a living and all night for fun, I'm just too pooped to do much of anything with my spare time. But man, IF we had a backyard, I'd love to go out there and watch the tomatoes grow.

Have you seen Friday Night Lights? Best! Show! Ever!

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