Tuesday, May 19

"Housekeeping, you want me fluff pillow?"

So, ten points to anyone who knew that quote was from Tommy Boy.

All right, you guys, I'll bet a bunch of you have noticed the new navigation bar beneath the header, and if you've tried clicking on it, I'll bet you've noticed that those links don't take you anywhere yet.

Let's just say I'm doing a little housekeeping and pillow fluffing around hotel Fierce Beagle, and hopefully I'll have everything up and running in a new and improved fashion in a few days.

Nerdtastic Aside: If any of you know how the heck to change the font in my new nav bar, would you be so kind as to tell me? I've designed this site myself on a wing and a prayer, with no prior HTML knowledge, so any advice for changing that stinkin' font would be much appreciated.

As a reward for you folks who have stuck around through this very boring post, here's some vintage Tommy Boy footage:

P.S. 15 months ago today, I unleashed unbearable cuteness on the world, and the world will never be the same.


Slamdunk said...

Tommy Boy flashback--for some reason several years ago (vacation?), I had to room with my future brother-in-law for a weekend and he watched that movie like 3 times straight--mixed in with the movie Black Sheep. He called it a Spade and Farley marathon.

Oh the post single-guy college days...

May @ Anne and May said...

Awww! Happy birthday, Ethan!

Also, Tommy Boy is the best movie ever.

Also also, I don't know anything about HTML code. I tend to bribe computer friends with a bottle of something fancy and beg for help. Sorry!

Anna said...

I wandered over here from Anne & May's blog, but I have to tell you that I really enjoy reading your blog!
That clip from Tommy Boy has me in tears every time.
"What kind of a hotel is this?"

Erin said...

Welcome, Anna! And I have to say, I think Tommy Boy is hands down the best of both Chris Farley and its genre (that is, slapstick ridiculous crude comedy).

Gonzo said...

It's NOT "you want me fluff pillow." IT'S "you want mint for pillow?"
Housekeeping, you want towel... Housekeeping, you want mint for pillow. Housekeeping, you want me ...

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