Wednesday, May 6

Has anyone seen my batteries?

This week is my first of a whole bundle of weeks off, I might even venture to say a plethora of weeks off, for summer break from grad classes. Or at least it was a plethora of weeks off, until I mentally over-scheduled myself with craft projects, home decor projects, landscaping projects, and inordinate amounts of time lazing on the couch reading and watching movies.

Instead of feeling energized and psyched to get started with all this orchestrated funning and relaxing, I'm a veritable blob of non-motivation. A wet blanket--and not just any wet blanket--a sopping on-the-verge-of-moldiness horse blanket, if you will. This is a result of two unfortunate twists of fate: First, it's been dark and rainy all week so far, and Second, the dog has been keeping me up in the mornings after Noah leaves just as Dawn the Plumber's crack is showing by forcing me to desperately try to make him go back to sleep so I can go back to sleep while the baby is still asleep. I don't know if you picked up on it, but Sleep was the operative word just then, and the operation has been compromised by That Dog Who Must Police the Property After the Real Police Officer Has Left for Work.

Meanwhile, instead of going back to sleep after his 7 a.m. bottle the way he used to (A. we're down to morning and bedtime bottles; B. I know, I know, I'm spoiled by him), Ethan is too busy learning to be a walking talking person to laze around in his crib in the morning. Did I mention he's learning to walk? Because HE'S LEARNING TO WALK. He's finally made the connection between self-propulsion and his feet, and he's been taking up to two consecutive, hands-free steps between the Daddy and the Mommy before throwing his impressive melon forward, thus pulling his body behind, in a kamikaze attempt at speeding things up, including my heart rate.

All this is to say, I'm taking the rest of the week off to spend more time watching DVDs of The Office and eating junk food with my family. I'm gearing up for Mother's Day, for which I have tasked Noah with bringing me a homemade breakfast in bed (the surprise of it being the time, which shall not be before 9 a.m.), then carrying me to the couch where I will luxuriate and watch films and be doted on for the rest of the day showing his and Ethan's love for me however he sees fit which better be how I see fit.

I'll see you folks on Monday, hopefully with more cooperative hair, less puffy eyes, and a plethora of energy.

While I'm out, I would like for you folks to give me recommendations for a trip to San Diego--beaches, hotels, restaurants, etc. The Zoo, Wild Animal Park, and SeaWorld are no-brainers, so these recommendations had better be good. Ready......setgo!


Slamdunk said...

"...taking up to two consecutive, hands-free steps between the Daddy and the Mommy before throwing his impressive melon forward, thus pulling his body behind, in a kamikaze attempt at speeding things up..."

Wow, you all have your hands full there.

We went through that same stage last year with the twins and our walls (and likely the contours of their heads) are forever changed. We probably would have had our little ones fitted for some type of crash helmet--if we had known about such an invention.

mrs. fuzz said...

This post made me laugh. I love your writing and your sense of humor. I just saw that Thuderbolt kid is one of your recent reads. I love Bill Bryson, but I haven't read this one yet. Do you highly recommend it? I'm assuming since I like his other books I've read, I would most likely enjoy this one.

Erin said...

Slamdunk--I try not to worry too much. As one of my best friends has said, Little boys aren't breakable (which of course, they are, but you know).

Mrs. Fuzz--I *highly* recommend it. It's very different from his other work since it's an autobiography of sorts, but it was a hilarious, fascinating, nostalgic glimpse into life as a kid in the 50s.

Jan said...

Tom and I went to San Diego a couple of years ago and especially enjoyed touring the Midway aircraft carrier. It, and visiting La Joya (not sure how it's spelled...sounds like La Hoya) were awesome!!! We just hopped a city bus for the short ride there. I hope you will make time to visit the Midway. It was fascinating! And it would be fun to bike at Coronado Island, too, if you have time. It is so beautiful! We also enjoyed taking a ferry there, to eat at a restaurant patio on the shore, with a beatiful view of San Diego. We stayed near the Old Town market area, and that's a fun place to go for a stroll...Whatever you do, you will have fun!
I loved the essay, Erin. It was just wonderful!

Dusty @AllThingsG+D said...

Off topic, I'm sure, but the title of this post instantly made me think of the brother in Everybody Loves Mary--"Has anyone seen my baseball?"

Okay, back to reading the post...

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