Friday, May 22

A bicycle built for...the whole family, apparently

You see that little button to the right, underneath my latest reports, the one with the funky blue bicycle that appears to have a large bin on the back? Yeah, I'm trying to win it. Why? Two reasons, really:

First, I feel nostalgic for the days when I would ride down our cul-de-sac side-saddle, holding my right arm high in the air in an elegant arc, pretending to be atop a horse in a cool equestrian show instead of on my lavender Huffy;

and second, the sheer comic value of me riding that thing with Ethan in the bucket (wearing a darling baby helmet) is too much to pass up.

If I win, I promise to post a video of me attempting to ride around our neighborhood, which is, incidentally, uphill both ways.


Slamdunk said...

Good luck with the contest.

From the Madsen website, the back area reminds me of a small bathtub. I had the vision of the Mrs. riding around our level neighborhood with our two little kids playing in the "tub" that is filled with warm water--like a jacuzzi on wheels or something...

Erin said...

That sounds like every kid's--or rap artist's--dream. Jacuzzi on wheels!

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