Thursday, April 2

How to measure time using a camera and a hat

Day 3:

Day 393:

Oy vey.


Costume Diva said...

oh my goodness! what a munchkin!

Kate Riley said...

It's hard to remember them that small, right? I remember when my second was born I thought, "I can't believe the first was ever this small.... was she really this small?" Time is a powerful thing.

Jen said...

That is amazing - and adorable! Just love the snuggled-up sleeping newborns - so peaceful. Doesn't last long though, does it?

Erin said...

It seems so cliche, but it's so true: So much changes in that first year, it really is impossible to remember the newborn who was so tightly bundled in my uterus. (Sorry,too much?)

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