Friday, April 17

Everything You Wanted to Know About Being Erin K. Etheridge, Editor

...except that the "K" stands for Kaleena.

Click here to go to Yes and Yes to read Sarah Von's interview with me. Because she's still busy volunteering in Bolivia and, like, being an amazing person.


Jen said...

Very interesting!

Carrie Potts said...

you're in New Jersey sometimes?! I live in NYC--next time you're up here, let me know--I would totally take off a 1/2 and come see you for dinner---or you're always welcome at our place! Your job sounds great---i still love your blog...the entry about your Easter was the unpredictability of children

Dan said...

that was very interesting.

I'd completely suck at being an editor. I've always admired people who can read that precisely.

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