Monday, April 6

Advice from some of the world's greatest sports figures

Major League Baseball's Fool-Proof Diet

The svelte slugger.

Home Run Record Holder Ryan Howard: "There are three keys to losing 25 pounds in the off season: Eating healthier, working out hard, and the threat of exposure. I wanna give a shout out to my boy, Jared the Subway dude, who told me to always say no to Special Sauce."

Achieve Wedded Bliss

Tiger and his lioness.

Golf Pro Tiger Woods: "My advice for snagging the girl of your dreams is to win lots of golf tournaments. Every million gets you one step closer to purchasing, I mean, marrying, I mean...what was the question?"

Fast-Track Your Career in One Easy Step

So that's what they wear under those jumpsuits.

Indy Racer Danica Patrick: "I saw a major increase in my career's aerodynamics when I started waxing my undercarriage."


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