Monday, March 2

Seeing foxes: A baby lives here

I am a great proponent of tidiness. But if you look closely, you can tell that a baby lives here.

You'll find all sorts of small items in strange places--a tube of foot cream in the sconce of a scented candle; an iPod in the basket of shoes by the front door; a ball inside a humidifier. A baby will organize things with a logic all his own: The rubber ducky and the toy car should sit side by side on the side of the bath because both are yellow, for instance.

When one pays attention, the scattered scene of a messy living room floor moves from a picture of disorganization into an abstract masterpiece, a canvas of mismatched bits and bobs arranged with an unstudied and, perhaps, more perceptive sense of belonging.


Maggie May said...

a living room IS a baby's canvas!

Anonymous said...

To say it lie Noah "The poor dote"!


Lisa Watts said...

BTW, in that first photo, Ethan SO has your cheeks. Amazing.

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