Monday, March 16

A real wally

Internet, allow me to introduce my brother, Kyle.

Known in some circles as Prince Ali Ababwa.

Just before he went to college and joined a fraternity, Kyle, Noah, my dad and I went to lunch at a little Irish pub outside Chicago.

Kyle: Will you mix my salad for me, Dad?
Erin: You're kidding me, right?
Kyle: What?
Noah: You just asked your dad to mix your salad.
Kyle: I always make a mess and get lettuce on the table.
Dad: So are you gonna call me to come mix your salad for you in college?
Kyle: No...
Erin: Thank goodness.
Kyle: ...I'm not going to eat salad in college!

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June Saville said...

College will be very good for Kyle ...
Thanks for visiting 70 Plus and Still Kicking - I'll see you around.
June in Oz

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