Monday, March 23

I'm going to start vetting his reading material

Noah: Did you know that starvation is harder to come back from than dehydration?
Erin: I didn't, but I guess it makes sense.
Noah: I just got through reading about how the guys on the whale ship Essex cast lots to see who would be killed to be eaten, and then they cast lots to see who would do the killing.
Erin: Wow...that's...horrifying.
Noah: Like that soccer team that crashed in the Andes in that movie.
Erin: Yeah, Alive, starring Ethan Hawke. It was on TV the other day.
Noah: The only thing I remember is when they started to carve the dead guy's butt cheek.
Erin: You're being gross.
Noah: Frozen bits of butt cheek.
Erin: Do we have to talk about this?
Noah: Makes me really grateful for this banana.

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