Tuesday, March 31

I think he might have a concussion right now

Noah: I had a concussion once.
Erin: Really? How did you know?
Noah: I got hit in the forehead by a baseball when I was making a diving catch. I had a big knot on my head.
Erin: But did you go to the doctor?
Noah: Yes.
Erin: And what'd he say?
Noah: That I had a concussion. I also got hit in the head once by a ground ball that took a bad bounce.
Erin: Ouch.
Noah: The dangers of being an infielder. And the there was the time I was choking on that thing and I went to the hospital and they gave me hot chocolate to make it melt.
Erin: And you had a concussion?
Noah: No. Unrelated.


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