Wednesday, March 18

"I find the mystery genre disgusting. I hate being titillated."

If you can identify that quote, I will reward you. How? Tell me the answer, and you'll find out.

Second titillating titillation: I will have photos of our St. Paddy's Day celebration...tomorrow. I will tell you nothing of it now, although I will tell you this much: It was much better than St. Paddy's Day '08, which I celebrated by having my gallbladder removed. I do not recommend this.

If you're thinking to yourself, "Huh, doesn't look so bad," let me assure you. IT IS. Also, you might want to call your friendly neighborhood mental health professional.

Did you know that the gallbladder is green? (Probably not, because most of you won't have to worry about your gallbladders UNTIL YOU'RE ELDERLY.)
I love me some irony, but come on. Also, this is for real the color of a nasty crudded up gallbladder, it wasn't just painted green for artistic effect.

Now that I've lost most of you, to those who remain (iron stomachs, all of you!), I promise tomorrow's images will be less...torturous.

Thanks, NY Times, for your excellent series on gallbladder removal. It was simply...titillating.


Anonymous said...

That quote is from Angela Martin on "The Office"....So what's my reward? I suggest anything that consists of nothing but Chocolate...a beach trip would also be nice, I need to work on my tan

Erin said...

Ding ding ding! Mrs. Potts, please email me your address, and I'll have a beach trip in the mail to you presently.

Anonymous said...

I spent five minutes trying to remember who said that before caving and going to google. <3 the office.

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