Thursday, March 19

The Big Reveal: St. Paddy's Day '09

Me and hambone, gearing up for the big day. Forgive our hair and makeup.

As you all now know--in great detail--last year I had surgery on St. Patrick's Day. While last year I lost an organ, this year I gained...towing capacity. And a lot of it:

That's right folks. To replace our totaled Ford Focus HATCHBACK, Noah purchased this monstrosity, known around these parts as The Beast. I am proud to say that with the money we got for the total loss and a little bit of our tax return, we were able to buy The Beast outright (granted for a very good deal).

It's a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 V8 quad cab with only 77,000 miles. If that doesn't mean much to you, you can think of it simply as a Big Ass Truck. You know, that truck, the one that sits so high off the ground that at night it blinds the sedan in front with its regular headlights. Let me tell ya, you see the world in a whole new way when you're driving down the road and low-flying helicopters pull alongside your window. The feeling that you could run over any number of animals and small vehicles without even noticing, I don't know, it's strangely powerful. And there's something freeing about being able to ride in the passenger seat of a car and be far enough away from the driver to communicate legitimately via carrier pigeon.

The happy family.

Seeing as we're big time DIYers, and we're hoping to do some landscape work this year, we thought that now more than ever would be the time to fulfill Noah's dream of driving A Man's Vehicle. After all, he drove the hatchback with the ahooga horn for several years without ever complaining.


Kate Riley said...

You crack me up. Ahwoooga! I am so jealous cause I tell hubby, "Don't you want a truck, hun?" when secretly I want it just so he can haul my thrift store finds home. They don't fit in his sedan. But I think he's on to me.

Unknown said...

So a 16 yr old girl totals my Mazda 626 in the mall parking lot. As part of the insurance process I was told they would provide me with a vehicle "comparable" to mine. As I hobbled over to my ride on crutches and a heavy dose of pain pills I was in generous disbelief when my keys fit the door of the oh so behemoth DODGE RAM 3500. It was all I could do to get into the damn thing. ON another note - Yay! You guys are officially a man and woman car couple!

Maggie May said...

oh my that is a beautiful truck

Anonymous said...

i could just picture cody sitting in the back with his ears flopping in the wind!!! it's class looking! sue x

Anonymous said...

Awesome truck - even more awesome baby!


Anonymous said...

Nice ride E&E&N. Lookis comfy and being above the crowd does give one the feeling of superiority. Now you can begin to look down your noses on the "little" cars and the little cards will now look up to you with jealousy.

BTW, can't wait to see Ethie in a couple of weeks.


Dusty @AllThingsG+D said...

Love the new ride--congrats!

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