Sunday, February 22

Now accepting fan mail

Greetings, friends. It has been brought to my attention that the word verification function on my comments sometimes causes problems (thanks to Lisa from On the Run for informing me). Now I know why I haven't been receiving the hundreds of comments that I was expecting.

At any rate, I've disabled the word verification, which should make it easier for you fine folks to leave comments. Here's Lisa's failed comment:

"Ms. Etheridge,

For the third time, I wrote a witty, insightful, heartfelt comment on your blog, but then it asks me to identify a word, which doesn't show up, and all is lost. What's up with that?

What I said was something like, how could all these things happen to you, two accidents in one day? And, it seems to me if you're coming to UNCG I should be able to see you before or after (if I take a nap) because we live a few blocks from campus now. And that it seems like your class is having an effect, because your blog entries have been incredible.

And that with a sinking feeling, when I saw it was Ethan's birthday, I realized you sent an e-vite that I never did open...sorry. Tell Ethan I believe in stretching celebrations out for a length of time, OK?"

Feel free to use the last sentence in Lisa's second paragraph as a template for any future comments you're interested in leaving.


Lisa Watts said...

Oh, but I wrote it so much better the first time, before I got erased... I mean it all.

Lisa Watts said...

And thanks, I didn't know you could turn that feature off. Yer so smart.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That would be so great, if it turns out tha I will be able to leave my own comments now! This is a test...this is only a test....testing....testing....

Erin said...

You test was successful, dear Anonymous. I look forward to oodles of comments from you now.

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