Tuesday, February 10

He has my heart in a stranglehold

I accidentally ate three cupcakes for dinner last night. I gave Ethan one too. He dipped his fingers in the frosting, took a bite of cake, then gave the rest to Cody.

Then I took a bath. Ethan crawled into the bathroom, stood at the side of the tub and splashed around, frequently pausing to inspect the bubbles encasing his tiny hands. I stripped him down and set him on my lap. We sat in the tub for a while, talking and splashing. I asked him if he wanted cupcakes or a rainbow cake for his birthday. He said "aii gee aii," so I still don't know.

When I was laying him down in his crib, he sneezed twice. With half-closed eyes he smiled and chuckled, then cuddled into his teddy bear and went to sleep.


Anonymous said...

That's our darlin adorable grandson! Can't wait to get our hands on him.

Lisa Watts said...

How come you got such a happy baby? Is that fair?

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