Wednesday, February 18

The following presentation is not for children under 13

Erin: You didn't have swimming in high school P.E.?
Noah: No.
Erin: So you didn't have to see anybody's wieners getting changed, then?
Noah: Nope. But in college there were a couple of old guys who would work out at our gym then would strip down and walk around the locker room with their penises out. It was like, come on. Do you see anybody else doing this? No way.
Erin: Ew.
Noah: And then there's the YMCA. You're bound to see a couple of penises there.
Erin: That is gross.
Noah: Christian establishments, both.


Holly said...

Old people behavior in YMCA locker rooms is something I cannot forget, unfortunately...

Maggie May said...


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