Tuesday, February 24

Can you tell I'm not Catholic? Nor anchored in time, apparently.

Erin: I was thinking of giving up meat for Lent, but I realized, in the middle of eating my meatloaf, that Lent starts today. Oops. So instead I'm thinking of giving up my Dove chocolate.
Noah: Giving it up...to me?
Erin: Sure. What are you going to give up?
Noah: Umm. Being grumpy.
Erin: I can support that.

[later the same day]

Erin: [to self] Today is Mardi Gras. Lent starts tomorrow.


Dan said...

Today is actually pancake day

Erin said...

See? I told you.

Kim said...

HA! I forgot it was Ash Wednesday today and almost ordered the meatloaf for lunch. I had shrimp instead.

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

hey?!?!? that's my religion too!

i actually couldn't make it to church today to get my ashes, so i head butted someone here at the office that went....what? she said the prayer over me.


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