Tuesday, February 3

Blogs of Note

I am incredibly psyched to announce that my professional mentor and friend Lisa Watts has just started a blog, On the Run. Lisa recently resigned her position at Pace Communications to explore new opportunities--one of which is organizing the 2009 United Healthcare NC Marathon. Lisa is a longtime long-distance runner and is calling for your running tales to share on her blog. Be careful--she just might end up putting you in a book (Lisa is not only a professional and a seasoned runner, she has also edited and published the excellent essay compilation Good Roots, which I have mentioned before.) I'm thrilled to see Lisa putting her overflowing creative energy to work. Because when she's creatively frustrated, she gets bossy and tends to lecture me on my manners. (We once attended a reading by Mary Oliver. The auditorium was packed, and without thinking Lisa instructed me to "say excuse me" to other attendees when attempting to get to our seats.) Click here to see what Lisa's up to.

I'd also like to direct you to Parachuting Without a Net (aka jumpwithfaith.blogspot.com), written by an incredible woman named Kim. I recently made the online acquaintance of Kim, who blogs about life from St. Louis and has a beautiful daughter, Maddy. In 2007 Kim's two eldest daughters, Kelli and Jessica, were killed when their car was hit by an Illinois State Trooper engaged in a high-speed chase. Kim recently posted about PursuitSafety.org, a nonprofit that is lobbying to have anti-chase laws enacted in the U.S. I'm happy to say that the Winston-Salem Police Department has an anti-chase policy, an important decision that protects the lives of the innocent as well as the peace officers in our community. Click here to visit Parachuting Without a Net.


Kim said...

Thanks for the blog link!

When I run on the treadmill I have to look straight ahead. If I turn my head in the slightest I starting running that way and wind up stepping on the side. I've almost fallen a few times, so you'd think I'd learn...not to run anymore. :)

Lisa Watts said...

Erin, you are funny. But I already told you that yesterday.

Thanks for the plug, plugs. Blog plug sounds like a terrible affliction.

You are my blogging hero and inspiration, what with all your bells and whistles and whatnot. You young folks.

OK, so when people pay you a compliment, it's a good idea to thank them in return.

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