Monday, January 12

You can't always get what you want...or can you?

Let's do some math.

What do you get when you combine an enormous stuffed animal with an infant putting on a show of pitiful heartache for a line of shoppers at JCPenney? Not much, until you throw grandparents into the equation.

Internet, meet Stacy the Lion.

We didn't come up with "Stacy"--she had a name tag. Noah is lobbying for a change.

Who could blame the grandparents when contending with this?

Tell me this isn't the cleverest 10 1/2 month old you've ever seen.


Le Merveilleux Chef said...

Haha wow, he's adorable. No way you can say no to a face like that ;)

Anonymous said...

I would buy him a real lion if he wanted it!


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