Wednesday, January 14

What is it about celebrities that causes them to frequently end up in lists?

Over at Anne & May the other day, the question was posed: which five living people would you like to meet? Originally that was tough for me, but now I have way more than five. So here's who I put, and why. And also, I'm adding people. Because this is my blog and I can do what I want.

Tina Fey. Because I was pleased to read in Vanity Fair that she holds my same view on strip clubs, among other things. I'd like to discuss and commiserate.
Michelle Obama. Because everybody wants to meet Barack, but I think she probably has a thing or two to share.
Maya Angelou. Because I almost met her once. Only this time I'd be prepared. I'd also address her as Dr. Angelou.
Tom Hanks. Because he also appears to be a space nerd (starring in Apollo 13 and producing From the Earth to the Moon). Oh, and he's a gifted actor.
John Krasinski. Because Jim is my TV boyfriend. Although he might be nothing like Jim in real life, and that would be disappointing. So maybe I'd require him to act like Jim.
Bill Bryson. Because he is one of the funniest, most intelligent writers I've ever read.
Heather Armstrong. Because I'd love to know what life is really like behind the scenes for an incredibly famous blogger.
Steve Carrell. Because I imagine we'd have great banter and laugh the whole time. Plus, Robin Williams is too manic and I feel he'd dominate the conversation.

Here's a list of famous people I have encountered, sans red carpet:
Jennifer Aniston. She's much shorter in person than you'd think.
Bret Lott. One of Oprah's Book Club extraordinaires.
The guy whose hand Bill Paxton spat his gum into in Apollo 13. Not exactly famous, but close enough. (He was a substitue teacher of mine in middle school.)
Ty Pennington. He was in a hotel lobby in Nashville that I was at for a wedding reception.
Mary Oliver. I love her poetry. She's a fantastic speaker. But I also respect her desire for privacy. Because you know what? We writers put enough out there that we deserve to be left alone if that's what we want. Something of the self has to be left unconsumed.
Steve McNair. Back when he was AWESOME playing for the Titans. Got his 'graph in the grocery store on the back of an ATM receipt.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure if I sat down and really thought about it, I could do better than this. But off the cuff, here's my list:

1. Joe Montana - a childhood hero of mine, and one of the Triumvirate of Unquestionable Athletic Greatness that everyone who grew up in the late '80s/early '90s could look up to. (The others are Bo Jackson and Michael Jordan, in case you were wondering.)
2. Bernie Kosar - a local hero who, strangely enough, I've never come across in person. Everybody in northeast Ohio seems to have met Bernie at least once, except me.
3. Pope Benedict XVI - for obvious reasons.
4. Rudy Giuliani - probably not my first choice for president, but the more I read about his accomplishments as mayor of NYC, the more impressed I am. Definitely a Guy Who Knows How To Get Things Done.
5. Hayley Williams - lead singer of the band Paramore, and my official Weird Crush.

1. Gen. David Petraeus - possibly the most important and influential military leader since World War II. Even got my picture taken with him, on my last deployment.
2. Lebron James - I actually saw a lot of Lebron when we were in high school, since we were each part of the three-way Catholic school rivalry in Akron. I also tackled him during a JV football game, and it HURT. The dude is a beast; 6'5" of solid muscle.
3. Jerry Springer - I met a lot of famous people who were invited to speak at Kent State, but for some reason, I'm drawing a blank and he's the only one I can think of.
4. President Bush - I guess I never really "met" him, per se; but I've heard him speak three times, and I came within a good 15 feet of him during the Division Review we had at Ft. Bragg last May. He looked really old, as I'm sure you can imagine.
5. Baby Ethan - my nonblood nephew, and legend in the making.

Costume Diva said...

Good call on Robin Williams.

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