Wednesday, January 7


In the spring and summer, even the fall, I would consider myself a morning person. Although this is a relatively recent personality development. Through high school, my parents knew not to talk to me in the morning. Many days Dad and I would barely exchange five words on the 25 minute drive from home to school. Except the day I spilled my entire makeup bag under the passenger seat of the car, and Dad cracked up. I had words for him that morning.

But one thing about me has not changed. On a rainy, cold winter morning I resemble less a ray of sunshine and more a hibernating grizzly.

Hear me roar.

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Anonymous said...

Yes I have many memories of you & your brother being non communicative in the mornings - personally I think it's an Irish thing as I too don't feel the need to have a full on conversation at 7am in the morning - I think my look would say it all! Sue xx

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