Friday, January 9

I married him because he's so sensitive

Erin: Ethan's discovered his weenie.
Noah: At what point is it no longer cute to play with it?

* * * *

Erin: Which of these bikini tops do you like better for me: the full-coverage underwire or triangle underwire?
Noah: Which one covers less? Triangle, right?
Erin: Yes.
Noah: Triangle.

* * * *

Noah: So, are you interested in offering me any of your wares tonight?
Erin: You're so romantic. You know, a lesser woman wouldn't have married such a fantasy-novel-reading geek.
Noah: No, a lesser woman would have been so desperate, she wouldn't care.

* * * *

Erin: You didn't say if you noticed how my face looks after starting my new cleansing routine.
Noah: It looks ... shiny.
Erin: Like an angel?
Noah: Like a droid's ass.
Erin: ...
Noah: C-3PO.


Sarah Von Bargen said...

Noah, you are man after my own heart.

No, for real.

Anonymous said...

I mentioned long-lost brotherhood on a previous comment somewhere, but now I'm thinking if my husband met Noah he'd tattoo his name on his ass.

In that non-creepy-yet-endearing way.

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